WWE WrestleMania 36 Predictions & Tips: Flair For The Gold Again?

Dave Kuzio /
WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania 36 might be happening behind closed doors, but that will not prevent Vince McMahon from making Charlotte Flair a big deal once again.

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Charlotte Flair is a firm favourite of WWE owner Vince McMahon – that is no secret I’m afraid. So, don’t be surprised if she stands in the middle of the ring holding up the NXT women’s title belt inside an empty arena.

Flair, the daughter of WWE legend Ric Flair, has been one of the dominant females in the women’s division since arriving on the main roster in 2015. At the time, Flair was introduced to the WWE Universe as part of a new revolution for the women’s division alongside Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

It didn’t take long for Flair to begin her legacy and be seen as a legend of the squared circle like her father. Since 2015, she has been crowned the SmackDown Women’s Champion five times, RAW Champion four times and Diva’s Champion once.

After winning the 2020 Royal Rumble – which guaranteed her a title shot at WrestleMania – she addressed the WWE Universe dismissing the current RAW and SmackDown champions and felt they were not in her league seeing as she has beaten both on numerous occasions.

This prompted NXT champion Rhea Ripley to enter the ring and continued to challenge Flair by stating she hat not beaten her, while also reminding Flair that Ripley pinned her prior to their 5-on-5-on-5 match between Team NXT, Team RAW and Team SmackDown during Survivor Series.

Flair refused the challenge at first, but she invaded NXT TakeOver in Portland and ambushed The Nightmare by hitting her with Natural Selection after telling her she would see her at WrestleMania.

Ripley will be no walkover for The Queen, she is the current NXT Women’s Champion after getting the better of Shayna Baszler on the December 18 NXT show to end Baszler’s 416-day reign as champion.

The Australian is becoming a fans favourite, although that won’t really help her at Mania. She became the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion after winning an eight-woman tournament.

She disposed of Xia Brookside in the first round before reaching the final by defeating Dakota Kai. She won the title in the final by getting the better of Toni Storm. She lost the belt at NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool after a 139-day reign with Storm finally getting her hands on the gold.

This should be a great encounter, but it probably won’t get the recognition it deserves because a lot of fans believe they can read the minds of WWE writers and know exactly how this one will go down.

The WWE have a habit of making sure Flair remains prominent in all storylines and some fans are worried that they will take the belt of Ripley just to let Flair win another title so they can keep referring to her father – the 16-time world champion.

Unfortunately, we cannot disagree with this theory. Flair needs a belt to remain relevant and I can see her beating Ripley and ending her reign as NXT champion. This won’t be all bad news, because once she drops the belt it is more likely that Ripley will get a push on the main roster.