AEW Wrestling Tips: AEW Revolution 2020 Predictions

Leigh Copson /

Get's best bets for the latest big AEW wrestling event, AEW Revolution on Saturday, February 29.

AEW Championship: Chris Jericho v Jon Moxley

The two biggest signings in the brief history of All Elite Wrestling are going head-to-head in the main event of the first PPV of 2020, AEW Revolution. Chris Jericho was the banner signing when the company launched at a press conference just over a year ago and Jon Moxley then made his debut at the end of the very first PPV a few months later, coming out of the crowd to end months of speculation as to whether or not he would be the first WWE superstar to cross over to the upstart company. Jericho, of course, was crowned the first ever world champion and his run as ‘Le Champion’ and leader of the ‘Inner Circle’ faction has been one of the highlights of the company’s brief existence. His ability to reinvent himself so frequently, and so successfully, is pretty remarkable and there is still plenty more mileage left in his title run so I would not be surprised to see him leave Revolution with the gold still around his waist. But on the flip side, the capture of Moxley from the WWE was a huge moment for AEW and he will undoubtedly be a leading figure within the company for many years to come. He will certainly become champion at some point, but I am not so sure that this will be the night. A long reign for Jericho would firmly establish a title that is not even one year old yet and it is not like the champion’s reign is going stale. He is having great matches with a variety of opposition and segments involving him and the ‘Inner Circle’ tend to be some of the best on the show. And if you look at the roster, there is a lack of top heel characters that can line up to challenge Moxley if he were to be champion. Therefore it makes sense for Jericho to leave with the golf, with some nefarious antics from his ‘Inner Circle’ running mates likely to play a role in the finish. Whatever the outcome, these two men are likely to serve up one of the best and most entertaining matches wrestling sees all year – it should be good enough for Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Oberserver to award it 4.5 stars out of 5. The fact it is not taking place inside the Tokyo Dome will prevent it from getting a perfect score (if you are familiar with the ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast with Bruce Prichard you will get that insider reference. If you are not familiar with it and you are wrestling fan, you should get familiar with it!).

AEW Tag Team Championship: ‘Hangman’ Page & Kenny Omega v The Young Bucks

AEW have been slowly brewing a heel turn for several months now with ‘Hangman’ Page becoming increasingly frustrated with ‘The Elite’ – a group he no longer wants to be a part of. Tensions boiled over during a sit-down interview with the two teams in the go-home edition of Dynamite and I expect this to be the event where Page finally becomes a fully-fledged heel. The question is, how does he do it? The predictable way (we have seen this so many times) is for Page to simply walk out on Omega and pretty much give up the tag team titles, but during that interview on Wednesday night he said that winning the belts was the greatest achievement of his career. So why would he just give them up so willingly? Logic states that, if anything, he will use some sort of underhanded tactics to prevent The Young Bucks from finally winning the AEW titles. It would make for a very interesting aftermath on television with Omega having to team with a man who betrayed The Elite, while it would also leave the Bucks still chasing their first tag team titles in a company they founded.

Cody v MJF

We all know that pro wrestling is scripted, but Cody and MJF have made fans really ‘feel’ their feud up to this point. MJF costing Cody his world title shot and literally kicking him in the balls afterwards sparked this heated and emotional rivalry late last year, and some excellent booking has only piled on the desire to see this match finally take place. Cody had to jump through hoops to get here – he took 10 legitimate lashes live on television that left his back looking a mess, and a week later he stepped into the cage with MJF’s buddy Wardlow and spectacularly moonsaulted off the top of the structure to get the win. But does Cody’s road to this match end in victory? The bookmakers have made the AEW founder and odds-on favourite, but here is another match in which I am not afraid to back the underdog. There is no better bad guy in the wrestling business right now than MJF and giving him a win over an established top talent like Cody would take his stock to a whole new level. Plus, if he does it in an under-handed way it could continue this feud on to ‘Double or Nothing’ where the pay-off could come in a big gimmick match. There is still plenty of life in the Cody-MJF feud so don’t be surprised if the cocky youngster gets the win and keeps it going a little while longer.