Virtual Sports: How To Watch & Bet on Virtual Sports

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Virtual sport has never been more popular and here takes a look at how you can bet on the action and watch live streams of virtual sports matches and events.

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How To Watch & Bet: Which Bookies Offer Virtual Sports Betting?

Unibet Virtual Sports Betting

Unibet are making their mark in the world of virtual sports with basketball being their jewel in the crown. Not a lot of bookmakers have taken the gamble with basketball in their virtual sports schedule, but Unibet have and it is a very enjoyable game to watch. Unibet have also gone with the firm favourites of football, tennis, horse racing and greyhounds. Just log-in or sign-up as a new customer, click on the sports section before choosing virtual sports and the you have to make a choice which game you want to get involved with.

bet365 Virtual Sports Betting

bet365 currently the dominant market in terms of virtual sports. They have a staggering 11 sports on offer for you to get involved with. These are football, cricket, darts, cycling American football, horse racing, motor racing, speedway, greyhounds, tennis and trotting. Getting involved is very easy, just log in with your username and password, click on the virtual sports icon on the left-hand side of the screen and away you go.

William Hill Virtual Sports Betting

William Hill only have three virtual sports to choose from at the moment. Their main sport is horse racing and they ensure there is a new race every four minutes. You have the option of watching and betting on flat racing, jumps or sprints. They also have football where you can watch international football every four minutes, while greyhound racing is also popular, you have the same options as you do with the horses. Make sure you log-in as a current or new user and click on betting to open up a new page. Select Virtual World on the left-hand side and then start your new betting journey.

Paddy Power Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports is available at Paddy Power and you can get involved with three versions of horse racing with flats, jumps and sprints. They have two football tournaments where you can watch international teams or club teams based on real-life football teams without using their names. Paddy Power also have greyhound and motor racing available if you like the excitement of first past the post action. Make sure you have a live account with Paddy Power, go to the left-hand side menu and click on Virtuals. This will take you to a new page and you can pick which virtual sport you want to be involved with.

Ladbrokes Virtual Sports Betting

Ladbrokes have a number of virtual sports available, but their main focus is horse racing and football. You can watch and bet on a normal horse race on a flat course, you can get involved in the jumps or you can relive the experience of the Grand Nation with a special race based on one of the the biggest events in the horse racing calendar. The football section has two sections – football rush and football. Although the real names of football clubs are not used, you will be able to tell which team is playing. Other sports at Ladbrokes include greyhounds and motor sports. Again, make sure you are signed-up, move down the left-hand side of the screen and click on Virtuals. You will then be able to choose which virtual sport interests you.

Betvictor Virtual Sports Betting

Apart from Unibet, Betvictor are the only other top bookmaker that includes basketball in their virtual sports section. You have the option of watching and betting on action in their US League and Euro League. Like many teams in the world of virtual sport, they are based on real-life teams but with a slight alteration. In the US League, instead of playing as Chicago Bulls, you will just be plain old Chicago. Betvictor also have horse racing flats and jumps, international and club football and greyhound racing. Log-in as an existing or new customer and move down the left-hand column to find your sport. All the other bookmakers have the virtual sports in one section, with Betvictor you can click on them separately, for example Virtual Horse Racing or Virtual Dog Racing.