Virtual Sports Betting Guide: What Virtual Sports Can You Bet On At Unibet?

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The popularity of Virtual Sports continues to grow and bookmaker Unibet offers its customers the opportunity to bet on a range of Virtual Sports, including horse racing, greyhounds and three different football competitions.

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The concept of Virtual Sports is simple – sporting events, matches and competitions are simulated using computer software, with viewers able to watch the virtual action unfold before their eyes. And of course, not only can you watch these sporting scenarios, bookmaker Unibet gives customers the chance to bet on them before and during the match/tournament/event.

Unibet’s Virtual Sports offering currently consists of five different sports – Football, Basketball, Tennis, Horse Racing and Greyhounds – and here we will run down what you can expect from each of those Virtual Sports.

Virtual Sports Betting: How To Bet On Virtual Football

Football is the global game so it is no surprise to see it being one of the main focal points of the Virtual Sports available at the Unibet website, and it is no shock to see the bookmaker offering three different formats – Football, World Cup and Champions Cup.

‘Football’ is a simulated version of the game most like the English Premier League – in fact it one look at the line-up of teams will immediately make you think about that competition! It features the likes of ‘Liverpool’, ‘Tottenham’ and ‘Newcastle’, and for what we can imagine are licensing reasons, there are the London Guns, Manchester Reds and Manchester Blues – I think we all know who they are meant to be. That extends to the players too – Liverpool may not have Mane in this one, but they do have a seemingly aging attacking midfielder named Maine. Oh, and I just watched Chaka score for Ars… I mean London Guns as a wrote this. So how do you bet on this competition?

Each team plays a full schedule over the course of an hour or two, with matches lasting approximately three minutes each, and you are able to choose from over 30 different betting markets prior to kick-off. Then once your bet is placed, you can watch the ‘highlights’ of the match to see if your bet was a winner. And to help you make informed choices on what bets to place, Unibet produces league tables, stats and even has head-to-head records for meetings between teams so you are not simply guessing on what the outcome of the match will be, you can make a more informed selection.

This is also the case for the Virtual Football ‘World Cup’ tournament that customers can bet on each day, as well as the Virtual Football ‘Champions Cup’, which is clearly a play on the UEFA Champions League featuring the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Real M… sorry, Madrid White, and Paris.

Virtual Sports Betting: How To Bet On Virtual Basketball

Virtual Basketball is essentially a recreation of one of the most popular sports in the United States, professional basketball. You can bet on a fictional league made up of teams from real towns and cities across America, with these teams going head-to-head in a league format to determine the champions of the Virtual Basketball world. In the league I am looking at right now Chicago are doing well… maybe those suffering Bulls, over the age of 18 of course, should cross over and support Not MJ, Not Pippen and Not Rodman!

Unibet offers customers the opportunity to bet on whatever match they choose over the course of the season, and although the firm does not offer the variety of markets that is does for Virtual Football, there are still multiple betting options for Virtual Basketball pre-match. And just like Virtual Football, the stats service, league table and form guide allows you to make a more informed selection than simply plucking a bet out of thin air.

Virtual Sports Betting: How To Bet On Virtual Tennis

Remember when I mentioned in Virtual Football that Unibet had gone down the old gaming route of having fake players that are a play on real players. That theme continues here as the elite names in men’s Virtual Tennis go head-to-head each day – there is Nishekuri, Zveriev and my particular favourite, Djokevic. That’s Djokevic with an ‘E’… not relation to Novak at all!

Unlike Virtual Football where you can bet on matches ahead of time due to the scheduling, you have to be a little quicker to place pre-match bets on Virtual Tennis because you cannot bet on them until they are listed.

However, Virtual Tennis does over the bonus of being able to bet in-play – want to back a player to win the next point in the set? You can. Want to bet on a player to win the second set after losing the first? You can. There are four matches ongoing at any time and players are seeded, so that will give you some insight into the ‘talents’ of the Virtual Tennis players on show. This service is also complemented by a stats service so you can make a more informed selection.

Virtual Sports Betting: How To Bet On Virtual Horse Racing

When it comes to sports betting one of the most popular forms is Horse Racing, so it is no shock at all that Virtual Horse Racing betting is offered by our friends at Unibet. Virtual Horse Racing takes place all day long at the bookmaker’s website, meaning you have plenty of races and horses to choose from if you wish to bet on this. Of course, all bets must be placed pre-race and Virtual Horse Racing betting allows for ‘Win’ bets and ‘Place’ bets, as well as ‘Forecast’ and ‘Tricast’ bets. It is just like the real thing.

But who should you back when betting on Virtual Horse Racing? Unibet provides some insight to help you. You can access results from earlier in the day to help you make your selections, and each horse has its own form guide so you are not just blindly picking a horse because the odds suggest it will be good or because you like the name. You can make a more informed choice for you Virtual Horse Racing betting selections thanks to these welcome features.

Virtual Sports Betting: How To Bet On Virtual Greyhounds

And finally we come to Virtual Greyhounds betting, which like Virtual Horse Racing is another way to bet on one of the most popular sports in the sports betting industry. Just like Virtual Horse Racing, you can bet on Virtual Greyhounds no matter what time of day it is and just like Virtual Horse Racing, you can use form guides and previous results to make an informed selection. And just like Virtual Horse Racing, there are four types of pre-race bets that you can place on Virtual Greyhounds – Win, Place, Forecast and Tricast.