Virtual Sports Betting: What Virtual Sports Can I Watch & Bet On?

Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football allows punters to bet on a make-believe simulator of football matches between two teams. You can still bet on a wide range of markets like you would a normal game of football – the main difference is these games do not last 90 minutes. There are three different competitions you can play in – Premiership, Super League and World Cup. Each game that is streamed lasts no longer than three minutes and are the teams are fictional. No real-life data is included in the matches, meaning there are no player names involved at all. All the kick-off times are staggered, so if virtual football is you new go to game, you can bet and watch a new game every minute across the three tournaments. That is a lot of football to enjoy in a very short space of time.

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Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Virtual horse racing sees five fictional racetracks available for punters to bet on with races taking place every couple of minutes throughout the day. The start times for each race are staggered accordingly so you can scroll between each track and place more than one bet at a time. There will be at least four horses racing in each race. The jockeys are also fictional like the racetracks and each horse and jockey is handed price odds. Although it is done at random, lower priced bets are more likely to win than the higher priced ones.

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Virtual Basketball Betting

Basketball is a sport loved all over the world, but with the NBA currently at a halt, it’s difficult to get the same enjoyment with it gone. The Virtual Basketball League consists of 16 teams competing in a full season, with each season having 30 match days. The match day lasts 3.30 minutes and is separated into a Pre-Match period, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, half-time, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter, overtime – if the game ends in a draw – and a Post-Match period. All the virtual basketball matches are streamed through an integrated media player in your browser, you have the option of switching between all eight games. The players are fictious, while the teams keep their geographical location but without any names. For example, Oklahoma City Thunder just becomes Oklahoma.

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Virtual Darts Betting

Virtual darts looks almost identical to what you would be watching if the Premier League Darts or the World Championships were on television.The presentation of virtual darts is sensational. They have been able to use senior tour darts players for this game, including the likes of Alan Tabern, Colin Osborne, Darryl Fitton, Peter Manley and Alan Warriner-Little. The way the game is played is very similar to watching a live game of darts. They have included the split screen that shows the player throwing his darts and where they actually land in the board. To make it more realistic, you still have scorer Russ Bray bellowing out the scores in his distinctive voice.

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Virtual American Football Betting

We all love a bit of American Football in our lives, even if some people refuse to admit it. You can now enjoy all the action and betting experience as if you were watching a full game. If you are a casual American Football fan, you can get through a full virtual game in just three minutes. That is a lot shorter than three hours. There are two types of virtual American Football games on offer at bet365. Fenton Park based on the NFL, and Queensway Park which is effectively college football.

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Virtual Speedway Betting

Motor sport is very popular when it comes to the betting world, and virtual speedway racing is no different. You can replicate the excitement of all the action during a speedway event and win some money in the process. The virtual sports format sees all the action take place at Sterling Stadium and features four riders in each race. Unfortunately, with bet365 there is no pre-race preview or full screen option, but you are provided with in-race commentary and you only have to wait three minutes between each race. In real-life, a Formula One race can take quite a few hours out of your day, that isn’t the case with virtual motor racing. Instead of over 60 laps of the cars going around and around, there will just be a few laps in this race with a field of 12 cars. With the drivers not being real-life athletes, the stats of the driver and reliability of a car’s engine don’t come into it, so a software programme works out who the favourite of each race will be.

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Virtual Tennis Betting

Enjoy the fun and excitement of a real-life tennis match with this simulation model that features two players on grass. Each match is just one single game with the winner ensuring your bet comes in – providing the player you selected is the winner. Other virtual sports events have a number of different tournaments running alongside each other, virtual tennis just has one major tournament – the Matthews Open which is based on the Wimbledon tournament.

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Virtual Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is just as popular as horse racing in the virtual format and you can enjoy a wide range of races throughout the day and also bet on the outcome. There are three racetracks to choose from and there will be a race streamed every three minutes. The start times for the races are staggered, so there will be at least one race every minute. Each race will have six dogs running and you can bet on the winner outright, each way winner plus a Forecast and Tricast bet.

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Virtual Cycling Betting

The virtual cycling setup is very realistic, and many punters have admitted it does actually look like a real race is taking place. The format of virtual cycling is based on the Keirin race that is very popular in cycling competitions. The Keirin is a fast-paced race that sees cyclists sprint towards the finish line after a speed-controlled start to the race. The Keirin has been part of the UCI men’s World Championship since 1980 and was included on the women’s calendar in 2002. It has also been used in the Olympics since the 2000 Games in Sydney with Great Britain’s Jason Kenny and the Netherlands Elis Ligtlee the current Gold medal champions following the 2016 Rio Olympics. After each race, there will be a three-minute break before the next race gets underway at the Franklin Velodrome with up to eight participants involved.

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Virtual Cricket Betting

The great thing about technology nowadays, is that you can literally watch and bet on any sport you like. Virtual cricket is relatively new in terms of being able to bet and watch it as a virtual sport. Each cricket match lasts two overs per innings, this version is a lot more realistic than virtual soccer. The site uses real filmed footage to include in the simulation and commentary is provided by former England Test and Middlesex left-arm spinner Phil Tufnell. Each virtual cricket game that is streamed live should take no longer than four minutes to complete. The home team will bat first, followed by the away team. The winning team is determined by which team scores the most runs.

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