Top 10 Conor McGregor Quotes

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‘The Notorious’ has become the master of the microphone since first arriving on the UFC. From proclaiming himself ‘The King’ to declaring a fight with him “red panty night”, the former two-weight world champion has been able to put on a show for fight fans before and after the bell has rung.

His smart mouth has led to legendary rivalries with the likes of Jose Aldo and Nate Diaz, while it has also single-handledly humiliated others (Jeremy Stephens to this day probably wishes he hadn’t spoken up).

Just like the late great Muhammad Ali there will be certain quotes that stand the test of time and will have fight fans reciting them for years and years, but which comments will become iconic fight folkore like “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”? BettingPro runs down the top 10 quotes from Conor McGregor’s career so far… and you know there will be many more to come in future!

In 2016, Conor McGregor was due to fight Rafael dos Anjos in Las Vegas, but Dos Anjos had to withdraw after breaking his foot. Nate Diaz was then drafted in as a late replacement, and although the fight was scheduled to be at lightweight McGregor then insisted it be at welterweight to avoid Diaz dangerously try and cut weight. The massive difference in weight led to many people questioning whether or not McGregor could realistically compete with Diaz. Although McGregor lost the contest, before the fight he issued this quote to let everyone know that he is all about the money.

Conor McGregor was always confident that he would be a super star and a millionaire, but even he was surprised with how quick the money started rolling. He gave up training to be a plumber in order to concentrate on becoming a UFC superstar. It wasn’t long until the cash started to come in, and this quote can inspire the rest of us to keep working hard and success will follow.

Conor McGregor is a proud Irishman and he loves his fans, He takes pride in the fact that his supporters travel to America in their thousands to lend their support. The travelling Irish were sent into raptures after he blasted past Diego Brandao inside the first round, when he announced this statement to the world. He has been taking over ever since.

Conor McGregor upset a number of people when he made a seemingly disrespectful comment about Christianity. One fighter in particular – Rafael dos Anjos – took real exception to the comment and promised to shut McGregor up. The Irishman refused to be intimated and ultimately hit back with this quote. It was his way of saying he was untouchable and feared no one.

Conor McGregor is never shy in saying what he feels. He doesn’t seem to have any respect for the professional wrestling business. This quote was attack on them not being tough enough, and a massive attack on Brock Lesnar as well. It would be great to see McGregor take part in the WWE, just to see what kind of welcome he would receive.

During a question-and-answer session, Conor McGregor was asked who would give him the hardest fight in the UFC. Before McGregor had a chance to answer, Jeremy Stephens took top the mic and said: “Right here, right here the hardest hitting 145 pounder. The real hardest hitting 145 pounder, right here. This guy TKO’s people, when I knock them out, they don’t f****** move.” McGregor – not one to get flustered – just turned his head and said: “Who the f*** is that guy.” Ever since that moment, the quote has appeared in millions of memes.

Conor McGregor’s first defeat in the UFC came at the hands of Nate Diaz, when the two locked horns at UFC 196 with the Irishman tapping out in the second round as Diaz slapped on a rear-naked choke. McGregor vowed he would get revenge on Diaz and insisted he should have put him away for good and that he would live to regret not doing so. McGregor did get revenge on Diaz as he won a majority decision in August 2016 at UFC 202.

The red panties quote is often repeated when McGregor is set to fight. He made the remark as he outlined what other fighters would gain by fighting him in the Octagon. From day one, McGregor insisted he was the number one draw in UFC and he took this time to say that everyone who fights him would instantly become rich and famous.

Before beating Eddie Alvarez to become the UFC Lightweight Champion, McGregor had poked fun at a lot of fighters and when he started the interview, it seemed like he was genuinely full of remorse. But of course, he wasn’t, he took this time to rib everyone again. The double champ was in reference to adding the Lightweight belt to the UFC Featherweight title he was already in possession of.

This quote was in response to what Nate Diaz said after their first fight. After choking McGregor out, he was asked how it feels to shake up the world. He replied: “I’m not surprised motherf******,” before saying “There is a new king.” So, McGregor responded with his own take after getting his hand raised in the second fight.