Gauff tells off her dad for cursing in Auckland [VIDEO]

andrew hendrie /

Coco Gauff may have been eliminated from the ASB Classic in Auckland, but she was involved in one of the most endearing moments of the opening week of the new season.

Gauff was competing in a second round clash against Laura Siegemeund when she called her father and coach Corey onto the court for some guidance.

Wearing a microphone, Corey went on to give some advice to his daughter, but he got a bit too passionate during the exchange – at least according to Coco.

Corey let slip of the word “damn” when describing Siegemund’s serve and Coco had to interrupt and correct his language.

“You can’t curse,” she giggled.

“Did I curse? I said no, it was real weak…” Corey responded.

Coco informed her dad that he said the “d-word,” prompting him to apologise into the mic for those watching at home.

“Oh well, that don’t even count!” he said.

“In some places it does…” she reminded him.

Gauff won the opening set against Siegemund, but couldn’t go on with the job, dropping the next two as she was knocked out in the second round.

The 15-year-old, who made global headlines when she qualified and made the fourth round of Wimbledon last season, will next turn her attention to her debut Australian Open.

The American vaulted from No. 686 in the rankings to No. 67, capping an extraordinary 2019 by winning her maiden WTA title in Linz.