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Without a shadow of a doubt, live games are the only way to experience authentic casino action without the headache of searching for an actual casino establishment. 

Where to play live dealer casino games

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What is live roulette?

Essentially - live roulette tries to recreate the experience of walking up to a real roulette table in a casino. To achieve this goal, a live dealer is recorded by HD web cameras and broadcasted live. Modern video and internet technologies allow the fluid streaming of HD live roulette entertainment to your favourite mobile device or PC. The dealer is the major focus of live roulette and a major aspect of why players seek out this entertainment. There’s no robotic voices, automated instructions or feeling of detachment - the croupier is a real person that you can actually chat with.

With regards to the game mechanics, there’s not much that separates live roulette and virtual roulette. The game can either by played on an American roulette table or the classic European kind. Players will place their bets on one of the betting areas and then the croupier will spin the wheel. By far one of the most simple and irresistible games that can be played at an online casino.

What are the advantages of live roulette?

It may seem odd to think that live roulette games differ greatly from their computerised versions - but in actual fact, the difference is quite significant. First of all we have the betting limits - which are generally much, much higher on live tables. For players who like to take risky bets, a live roulette table is the place to be. While the betting limits are generous for those of us who like to spend, the budget conscious gambler can still bet low stakes and make a tidy profit. 

One of the biggest reasons to choose a live game rather than a virtual one is the unparalleled flexibility. Whether you want to change your dealer, the staking limits or even the type of roulette you are playing - you can change it all with just the click of a button. Live games also accommodate for players who want a more social experience or who prefer to take the action in at their own pace. 

Are there any live roulette cheats?

Controversy has regularly surrounded roulette with regards to cheats and rigged games - but in actual fact players have found their own ways to game the system. A gang of Austrian men managed to take hundreds of thousands of pounds from casinos using a magnetic ball. Roulette nowadays is much more strict and that goes for live games too; all roulette wheels and balls are checked to ensure fairness and no gaming of the system, so it’s practically impossible to cheat roulette. On the other hand, there a number of complex roulette strategies out there that promise to provide a more interesting game experience.

One of the most popular strategies is the martingale -  which was developed in 18th century France. This strategy works well with games that have a near 50/50 outcome, like roulette, assuming you bet on one of the outside spaces (like red or black). The system works like this - if you lose, you double your stake. You continue to double your stake until you receive a win. When you do win, you return to the original stake. In theory, it seems solid - as the odds dictate that either red or black will show up eventually, however - the green zero and the fact you could double yourself into nothingness makes this strategy lose some of it’s appeal.

One trick that is important to know when choosing a roulette game is that American roulette is usually a bad choice. The house edge for a traditional French roulette wheel is typically 2.70% and bets like red/black or odds/even are practically a 50/50 shot. American roulette wheels have a house edge of 5.26% - why is that? Study the wheels and you will soon see that the American wheel has an additional 00 hole - while the French wheel only has a 0 hole.

We would also urge caution when placing single number bets or anything that isn’t the outside of the betting mat. While the returns are pitiful compared to that enticing 35 to 1 payout on a single number, chances are you a far more likely to win on a red/black bet. With a bet on a single number, you have a mere 2.63% chance of succeeding. With a red/black or odd/even bet you have a 47.37% chance of winning. In live roulette, slow and steady always wins the race.

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