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Want to spice up your live casino play significantly? Then you need a live dealer promotion. Cash prizes, bonuses, loss back... casinos are constantly coming up with new and refreshing ideas to make the live casino experience enjoyable 24/7. New players are especially lucky as more and more casinos promote live dealer only welcome bonuses.

What is a live dealer welcome bonus?
If you prefer to stick to live casino games rather than virtual games or slots - then you will want a live casino only bonus. Typically, you will find that casino sites will offer a first deposit offer that matches anything you deposit up to a certain threshold. Unlike a slots bonus, these live bonuses tend to be much greater value.

Can I turn a live casino bonus into real cash?
Absolutely! Before you go pressing the withdraw button however, you will need to take a couple of necessary steps. For example, meeting the wagering requirements of the bonus and fulfilling any other withdrawal requirements. Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will be able to transfer the now converted bonus into your bank account.

What other live dealer promotions are there?
To keep players engaged with a live game, casinos will often announce elaborate game mechanics that reward participating players with a special bonus. In blackjack for example, a popular mechanic is the bonus card (or golden card as it is referred to) where a set of special bonus cards are shuffled into the deck. Draw one of these cards and you can look forward to an extra special bonus.

Like blackjack, roulette also has its fair share of unique promotions - and a popular choice for casinos is to play on single numbers. As an example, some casinos will pay out a bonus if the ball lands on a specific number - or they will pay back a percentage of bets for another number.

Another popular live dealer promotion is tournaments - it may seem strange that there are tournaments for largely random games, but they are fun nevertheless. A generic tournament competition will start with a series of qualifying matches on live casino games and the main way to qualify is by racking up the most wins. Top the competition and you will be forwarded to an extra special final with a mega cash prize up for grabs.

Want to enjoy some casino gaming but want some extra security? Then you will want to take advantage of cash back (or loss back as it is sometimes known). Essentially, whatever you play and lose on a game will be paid back to you - who doesn’t love some no lose fun? Usually you will only receive a percentage back and it’s not guaranteed to always be cash - but it’s still a nice boost if it forms part of your gaming budget.

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