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One of the biggest changes in basketball betting is the move from the betting shop to online. This has given more choice to punters in terms or odds and markets but it has had another benefit as there has also been a move by the bookmakers to lure in customers by offering all sorts of benefits to having an online account.

Free bets are one such benefit, but the real innovation is that customers of the big betting firms can now watch and bet on live basketball matches online. There is an incredible array of live streamed basketball matches from across the globe every single week.

There is no need for a satellite subscription, or any form of on-going payment, to watch online. All that is needed is an account with one of the major bookmakers and then you can watch online, for free, on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BET365 LIVE STREAMING: Watch and bet on basketball live at bet365 > live streaming > basketball (geo-restrictions apply; funded account required or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify)


Basketball's popularity means there is no shortage of bookmaker websites where you can place your bets on the sport all year round, but with so many bookies to choose from which ones offer the most competitive odds and the best service?

Not only does offer advice on what bets you should place on the Euroleague, we also offer advice on which bookmakers you should use. Our comprehensive reviews give you a rundown of what you can expect from the bookies when you become a customer of theirs.

Is there an incentive to sign up at the website - ie. free bets, risk-free bets etc? Are their Euroleague betting odds competitive? Do they offer much variety in the way of markets? Can I bet In-Play? What special promotions can I use to insure my bet or boost my pay-out if it is a winner? What standard of customer service can I expect?

All of those questions, and more, are answered in our reviews that you can access HERE.


The sign-up incentive has become a staple of the betting industry with bookmakers now offering new customers the chance to claim free bets, risk-free bets and more when they register for a new online account.

But what offers are available to you right now? Below is's favourite bookmaker welcome offers at this time that you can use to bet on the Euroleague (subject to terms & conditions)...


Betting on the basketball has never been easier and there has never been more markets to choose from, but if you are a newcomer to betting on the Euroleague here is a guide to everything you need to know.

We have come a long way from the days when the bookmakers offered a handful of betting markets for Euroleague games. No longer are you restricted to traditional markets such as Match Winner, you now have a massive selection of betting markets to choose from every single day throughout the season.

Here we run down the main Euroleague match betting markets...

Money Line

The Money Line market is just like the Match Betting market in soccer - you are betting on who will win the game.

However, this is not an easy way to make a sizeable profit when betting on the Euroleague because the only way you are going to land a big return here is by successfully backing an underdog to be victorious, and while upsets do happen you really have to be very confident about it to use this market.

But don't worry, that does not mean you should rule out betting on the outcome of a game because this next form of betting offers much more appeal than Money Line...

Spread Betting

Ever wanted to back a team to win but think their Money Line odds are far too short for you to claim? Spread betting offers you the chance to back a favourite at bigger odds, while you can also get even larger odds if you are looking to back an underdog.

Spread betting could not be any simpler. The bookmaker will give the favourite a fictional handicap and the underdog a fictional head start. So, for example, if CSKA Moscow were favourites for a game against Bayern Munich, the bookies could give Moscow a -11.5 handicap with Munich +11.5.

At the end of the game, depending on which bet you placed, you would either knock 11.5 points off Moscow’s total or add 11.5 to Munich’s total. If your team still wins the game after this adjustment, your bet would be a winner.

For example, if you backed Moscow -11.5 and they won 115-100, they would still be 103.5-100 winners once the handicap was taken off so your bet would be a winner. If they won 110-100, after the 11.5 points were removed they would be 98.5-100 losers which means your bet loses. If you backed Munich +11.5 and they lost 100-110, you would be a winner because the Bulls would be 111.5-110 winners once you add those 11.5 points on.

The bookmakers offer Spread Betting for every single game and there will always be a variety of handicaps to choose from. Usually it is a case that the bigger the spread, the bigger the price so for those games where one side is a massive favourite, you may end up having to back them to win by a large margin in order to land a decent return.

Over/Under Betting

You can also bet on markets like Total Points, First-Half Points, Second-Half Points, First Quarter Points etc.  The bookmakers will offer you a host of options to choose from, it just depends on how many points you expect to see in a game. Are two great defenses going to be on show? If so, go for a low total. Are two incredible offenses going to keep the scoreboard staff busy? Go high.

So, for example, CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce went head-to-head twice in the 2017/18 regular season and in both of those meetings the two teams combined for in excess of 159 points. So if you expected to see more of the same when they met again in future, you could back Over 159.5 Total Points. It would not matter who had scored what points, as long as the combined points total for the match was 160 points or more your bet would have been a winner. And of course, the bigger the risk with the Over/Under you select, the bigger the reward if your bet is a winner.

Over-Under Betting is a great way to make a profit when betting on the Euroleague and you will not be short of options each and every day throughout the season because these markets will be available for every match-up from opening night right through to, and including, the Championship Game itself.


Most Euroleague Titles: 10 - Real Madrid (1963–64, 1964–65, 1966–67, 1967–68, 1973–74, 1977–78, 1979–80, 1994–95, 2014–15, 2017–18)

Most Euroleague Final Defeats: 9 - Maccabi Tel Aviv (1976–77, 1980–81, 2000–01, 2003–04, 2004–05, 2013–14)

Euroleague Final Winners

1958Rigas ASKAcademic170-152*
1958/59Rigas ASKAcademic148-125*
1959/60Rigas ASKDinamo Tbilisi130-113*
1960/61CSKA MoscowRigas ASK148-128*
1961/62Dinamo TibilisiReal Madrid90-83
1962/63CSKA MoscowReal Madrid259-240**
1963/64Real MadridSpartak ZJS Brno183-184*
1964/65Real MadridCSKA Moscow157-150*
1965/66Simmenthal MilanoSlavia VS Praha77-72
1966/67Real MadridSimmenthal Milano91-83
1967/68Real madridSpartak ZJS Brno98-95
1968/69CSKA MoscowReal Madrid103-99 (2 OTs)
1969/70Ignis VareseCSKA Moscow79-74
1970/71CSKA MoscowIgnis Varese67-53
1971/72Ignis VareseJugoplastika70-69
1972/73Ignis VareseCSKA Moscow71-66
1973/74Real MadirdIgnis Varese84-82
1974/75Ignis VareseReal Madrid79-66
1975/76Mobilgirgi VareseReal Madrid81-74
1976/77Maccabi Elite Tel AvivMobilgirgi Varese78-77
1977/78Real Madrid Mobilgirgi Varese75-67
1978/79BosnaEmerson Varese75-67
1979/80Real MadridMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv89-85
1980/81Maccabi Elite Tel AvivSinudyne Bologna80-79
1981/82Squibb CantuMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv86-80
1982/83Ford CantuBilly Milano69-68
1983/84Banco di Roma VirtusFC Barcelona79-73
1984/85CibonaReal Madrid87-78
1986/87Tracer MilanoMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv71-69
1987/88Tracer MilanoMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv90-84
1988/89JugoplastikaMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv75-69
1989/90JugoplastikaFC Barcelona72-67
1990/91Pop 84FC Barcelona70-65
1991/92PartizanMontigala Joventut71-70
1992/93Limoges CSPBenetton Treviso59-55
1993/947up JoventutOlympiacos59-57
1994/95Real Madrid TekaOlympiacos73-61
1995/96PanathinaikosFC Barcelona Banca Catalana67-66
1996/97OlympiacosFC Barcelona Banca Catalana73-58
1997/98Kinder BolognaAEK58-44
1998/99ZalgirisKinder Bologna82-74
1999/00PanathinaikosMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv73-67
2000/01Maccabi Elite Tel AvivPanathinaikos81-67
2001/02PanathinaikosKinder Bologna89-83
2002/03FC BarcelonaBenetton Treviso76-65
2003/04Maccabi Elite Tel AvivSkipper Bologna118-74
2004/05Maccabi Elite Tel AvivTau Ceramica90-78
2005/06CSKA MoscowMaccabi Elite Tel Aviv73-69
2006/07PanathinaikosCSKA Moscow93-91
2007/08CSKA MoscowMaccai Elite Tel Aviv91-77
2008/09PanathinaikosCSKA Moscow73-71
2009/10Regal FC BarcelonaOlympiacos86-68
2010/11PanathinaikosMaccabi Electra Tel Aviv78-70
2011/12OlympiacosCSKA Moscow62-61
2012/13OlympiacosReal Madrid100-88
2013/14Maccabi Electra Tel AvivReal Madird98-86 (OT)
2014/15Real madridOlympiacos78-59
2015/16CSKA MoscowFenerbahce101-96 (OT)
2017/18Real MadridFenerbahce Dogus85-80
* Final played over two legs, winner determined by aggregate score.
** Final played over three legs, winner determined by aggregate score.

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