Are Donald Trump’s days as US President numbered? Odds say ‘YES’!

Leigh Copson /
President Donald Trump

Earlier this week we questioned whether or not Mr Trump’s handling of the pandemic, on the back of his impeachment trial, would play a massive role in how the American public head to the polls later this year, and the latest odds suggest that he will not survive this difficult start to 2020.

However, over the past 24 hours that has changed and now, for the first time since the bookmakers began offering odds on the 2020 US Presidential Election, Mr Trump is no longer the bookies’ pick to be occupying the Oval Office after this year’s vote.

Paddy Power has clipped the odds of Democratic rival Joe Biden into Even-money, but the Irish firm is certainly not ruling out a second stint in the White House for the current President, offering 11/10 that Mr Trump is given four more years by the US general public.

“For the first time since we opened a betting market on the 2020 Presidential Election, a candidate has overtaken Donald Trump as the favourite,” said a Paddy Power spokesperson. “Joe Biden is the new front-runner to win, and we make Kamala Harris the favourite to be named his Vice President.

“I’d say that one punter who backed Trump big is wondering if it’s such a sure thing now. We’ll just have to wait and see. An even race now, Donald.”

Mr Biden has declared that he is looking for a female running mate in his quest for the Presidency and Paddy Power make Kamala Harris the 2/1 favourite, but she certainly faces plenty of competition from a strong list of potential female Vice Presidents.

Amy Klobuchar is hot on her heels at 3/1, with Stacey Adams considered a 4/1 contender ahead of 12/1 Elizabeth Warren. Michelle Obama is out at 16/1 ahead of Hillary Clinton, who is priced at 20/1 having failed in her bid to become the first female President four years ago.

Latest Paddy Power Odds

2020 US President Election Winner: EVS Joe Biden, 11/10 Donald Trump, 25/1 Mike Pence, 33/1 Bernie Sanders.

Democratic Vice President Nomination: 2/1 Kamala Harris, 3/1 Amy Klobuchar, 4/1 Stacey Abrams, 12/1 Elizabeth Warren, 16/1 Michelle Obama, 18/1 Gretchen Whitmer, 20/1 Hillary Clinton.