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2019 General Election Betting Tips

As the United Kingdom prepares to go to the polls on Thursday for the third General Election in just over four years, we’ve picked out our Top 5 bets for the 2019 Election.

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Politics Betting Tips

Latest 2019 General Election odds – betting points to Tory majority, but polls suggest Labour are closing the gap!

The United Kingdom goes to the polls on Thursday (December 12th) for the third General Election in just over four years, and at the time of writing, the betting suggests the Conservatives are likely to comfortably win more seats than Labour.

The Conservatives are a general 1/20 to win the most seats at the time of writing, with Labour a best price 12/1 with Ladbrokes.

A Tory majority is just 4/9 with Paddy Power, who are a best price 5/2 on the Election ending with No Overall Majority.

As of December 5th, the latest polls suggest support for the Labour party is on the up – seemingly at the expense of the Liberal Democrats, who have seen their support fall, with recent seat projections suggesting Jo Swinson’s party could win just 13 seats on Thursday.

We’ll bring you the latest market moves in the coming days, and check out our Top 5 General Election betting tips as we look to bash the bookies on Election Day!

If you’re on this page, you’re likely already aware that political betting is big business these days. Over £20million was wagered in the United Kingdom alone on the last General Election back in 2017, with several bookmakers taking six-figure bets on Election markets from customers across the UK.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed with his ‘do or die’ attempt to get Brexit done at the end of October, another UK Election will take place next week.

June 2016 saw the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union, but more than three years on, the UK remains in the EU, politicians remain divided, and betting on Brexit continues to be big business for the bookies.

As does General Election betting!

The Prime Minister is hoping that with Parliament agreeing to hold an early election – the next general election was due to be in 2022 – the number of Conservative MPs will increase, making it easier for him to pass new laws, and also making it easier to pass his Brexit plans.

As it stands, the UK is now scheduled to leave the EU by the end of January 2020.

To say there’s a lot for political punters to get excited about in the coming weeks would be a huge understatement, and betting on politics is expected to grow in terms of the range of markets, and the sums wagered, in the coming months and years.

And while the immediate focus when it comes to the latest political betting odds concerns Brexit and the next upcoming UK General Election, betting on the next US Presidential Election is also popular – partly thanks to Donald Trump.

A wide-range of Brexit betting markets are proving popular as the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union continues to dominate the news. If/when Brexit will eventually happen remains to be seen, and from a betting point of view, there are multiple angles to look at.

Brexit betting has been ongoing in various shapes and forms since before the EU Referendum. Back in 2016, ‘Leave’ had been 9/1 as polls closed on voting day, while Remain had been odds-on throughout the day as the United Kingdom went to the polls. In fact, a Remain verdict was rated about a 90% certainty with some bookmakers as the polls closed.

Close to £20m had been gambled on the outcome of the Referendum, and millions more have been wagered since then as political punters continue to bet on the UK’s future.

As well as betting on the possibility of yet another delay, most major bookmakers are offering odds on the eventual Date of Brexit, while you can also bet on a second EU referendum, plus odds on Article 50 being Revoked are also available.

When it comes to the next General Election, you can bet on the obvious markets such as the Most Seats won, the next Prime Minister, Overall Majority odds and more.

Betting on the exit dates of all the major political party leaders is widely available, as are the odds on the date of the PM’s exit from 10 Downing Street.

Here at we’ll have the next General Election odds covered on these pages, as well as the latest Brexit betting news and plenty more!

Key Political Dates – 2019 to 2021

December 12, 2019UK General Election
January 31, 2020Brexit
February-June, 2020US Primary Election or Caucuses
May 7, 2020UK Local Elections
July, 2020Democratic Candidate Confirmed For US Election (to run against Donald Trump)
November 3, 2020US Presidential Election
January 20, 2021Inauguration Of US President