Sports Stars Who Should Try Their Hand At Poker: NFL Coach Bill Belichick

Leigh Copson /

Bill Belichick’s run in the NFL has been nothing short of extraordinary, but when the time comes for the legendary New England Patriots head coach to walk away what will he do next? We think we have the answer!

The NFL is supposed to be all about parity, but Belichick and his Patriots have managed to defy the league’s plan for almost two decades now, dominating the American Football Conference (the AFC) while making nine Super Bowl appearances, winning six of them.

Those six successes came on the back of the two Super Bowl wins he enjoyed as the defensive co-ordinator of the New York Giants, so just what has made the 67-year-old, set to turn 68 in April 2020, so successful?

That’s easy… he is a man that takes all emotion out of the equation. Like a brilliant chess prodigy, Belichick is calm, composed and thoughtful when others would lose their heads. There are no postgame meltdowns in front of the media, just cold, calculated and deadpan delivery.

Maybe he is different behind closed doors? Not according to wide receiver Julian Edelman.

“I’ve been around this man for 11 years,” Edelman said during a public appearance last year. “He could sit across from me and I’d still have no clue what he’s thinking about.”

Belichick’s complete lack of emotions means you do not have to look far to find some hilarious memes of him at his very best too.

Don’t believe me, just Google search ‘bill belichick emotions’ or ‘the faces of bill belichick’ and check out the results (you can buy a t-shirt if you want!). Even the NFL got in on the act when it comes to the Patriots chief’s lack of emotion!

But if you are a man or woman who has won everything there is to win – multiple times – in the game that you love, what do you do next when it is time to walk away?

We have a suggestion for Coach Belichick… forget moving ‘on to Cincinnati’. Maybe he should move on to poker!

Professional sportsmen and women crossing over into the world of poker is nothing new, but if you expect to do well playing this card game then you have to have nerves of steel because the slightest show of emotion can tell an opponent a lot about your hand.

Who fits that bill better than Bill Belichick, a man who is just two Super Bowl rings away from completing a full house (one for each finger and thumb), has more than four (of a kind) AFC titles, and has completed a number of straight flushes when it comes to AFC East crowns?