Virtual Motor Racing: How To Watch & Bet on Virtual Motor Racing

Dave Kuzio /

Virtual motor racing has never been more popular and here takes a look at how you can bet on the action and watch live streams of virtual motor racing.

What is Virtual Motor Racing?

Virtual motor racing is an animated version of a race that would not be out of place on your PlayStation or Xbox, but you don’t get to control your car, you are just a spectator.

How Does Virtual Motor Racing Work?

In real-life, a Formula One race can take quite a few hours out of your day, that isn’t the case with virtual motor racing. Instead of over 60 laps of the cars going around and around, there will just be a few laps in this race with a field of 12 cars.

The field in motor racing is bigger than cycling and horse racing, which gives you more cars to back. All the drivers and cars are fictitious, but that doesn’t take any of the excitement away.

With the drivers not being real-life athletes, the stats of the driver and reliability of a car’s engine don’t come into it, so a software programme works out who the favourite of each race will be.

How To Bet On Virtual Motor Racing

Virtual motor racing does not have a lot of betting markets available, but the main important ones are included. They include:

Race Winner – This market allows you to back which driver you want to win the race.

Each Way – You have the option of placing your bet as an Each Way, if your selection doesn’t win you still have the chance of winning some money if your car finishes in the top three places.

Forecast – This option allows you to bet on the final positions of each motor race. You can select which driver finishes in first or second place.

Tricast – This betting market is the same as the Forecast, but instead of predicting who comes first and second, you have the option of including the third-place finish as well.

How To Watch Virtual Motor Racing Live

It is simple to watch any of the 11 virtual sports that bet365 are streaming live. Make sure you have a bet365 account, log in with username and password details. Then scroll down the selection of sports down the left-hand side of your screen and select Virtual Sports.

This will take you take you to a new page, where you have the option to choose which sport you want to get involved. The choices are horse racing, greyhounds, football, cricket, motor racing, speedway, American football, trotting, cycling, darts and tennis.

Simply click on the sport you want and the match you have selected will stream live automatically. You have all the betting options on the same page, so you can continue to watch all the action while deciding what to bet on.