Italian Grand Prix Guide

Leigh Copson:
The Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy (Photo by David Ebener/DPA/PA Images).

Bettingpro's guide to the Italian Grand Prix and it's host venue, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Circuit Guide

With the exception of a handful of races, the city of Monza has been the host site from the Italian Grand Prix since it was introduced back in 1921. It has been forced to undergo numerous changes over the years in an attempt to boost driver, staff and fan safety because the circuit has been the site of a string of incidents that have resulted in the deaths of over 80 people. But even after those changes, the Italian Grand Prix remains one of the races that produces the highest speeds of the Formula 1 season. Michael Schumacher had been the most successful driver in the history of the Italian Grand Prix prior to the 2018 season, but with his fifth career win that year Lewis Hamilton moved level with the German legend in the all-time race standings.

Location: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy
Number Of Laps: 53
Lap Length: 3.600 miles
Lap Record: Rubens Barrichello 1 minute 21.046 seconds (2004)



Italian Grand Prix Winners

1921Jules GouxBallotBrescia
1922Pietro BordinoFiatMonza
1923Carlo SalamanoFiatMonza
1924Antonio AscariAlfa RomeoMonza
1925Gastone Brilli-PeriAlfa RomeoMonza
1926Louis CharavelBugattiMonza
1927Robert BenoistDelageMonza
1928Louis ChironBugattiMonza
1931Giuseppe Campari
Tazio Nuvolari
Alfa RomeoMonza
1932Tazio NuvolariAlfa RomeoMonza
1933Luigi FagioliAlfa RomeoMonza
1934Luigi Fagioli
Rudolf Caracciola
1935Hans StuckAuto UnionMonza
1936Bernd RosemeyerAuto UnionMonza
1937Rudolf CaracciolaMercedes-BenzLivorno
1938Tazio NuvolariAuto UnionMonza
1947Carlo FeliceAlfa RomeoMilan
1948Jean-Pierre WimilleAlfa RomeoValentino Park
1949Alberto AscariFerrariMonza
1950Giuseppe FarinaAlfa RomeoMonza
1951Alberto AscariFerrariMonza
1952Alberto AscariFerrariMonza
1953Juan Manuel FangioMaseratiMonza
1954Juan Manuel FangioMercedesMonza
1955Juan Manuel FangioMercedesMonza
1956Stirling MossMaseratiMonza
1957Stirling mossVanwallMonza
1958Tony BrooksVanwallMonza
1959Stirling MossCooper-ClimaxMonza
1960Phil HillFerrariMonza
1961Phil HillFerrariMonza
1962Graham HillBRMMonza
1963Jim ClarkLotus-ClimaxMonza
1964John SurteesFerrariMonza
1965Jackie StewartBRMMonza
1966Ludovico ScarfiottiFerrariMonza
1967John SurteesHondaMonza
1968Denny HulmeMcLaren-FordMonza
1969Jackie StewartMatra-FordMonza
1970Clay RegazzoniFerrariMonza
1971Peter GethinBRMMonza
1972Emerson FittipaldiLotus-FordMonza
1973Ronnie PetersonLotus-FordMonza
1974Ronnie PetersonLotus-FordMonza
1975Clay RegazzoniFerrariMonza
1976Ronnie PetersonMarch-FordMonza
1977Mario AndrettiLotus-FordMonza
1978Niki LaudaBrabham-Alfa RomeoMonza
1979Jody ScheckterFerrariMonza
1980Nelson PiquetBrabham-FordImola
1981Alain ProstRenaultMonza
1982Rene ArnouxRenaultMonza
1983Nelson PiquetBrabham-BMWMonza
1984Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGMonza
1985Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGMonza
1986Nelson PiquetWilliams-HondaMonza
1987Nelson PiquetWilliams-HondaMonza
1988Gerhard BergerFerrariMonza
1989Alain ProstMcLaren-HondaMonza
1990Ayrton SennaMcLaren-HondaMonza
1991Nigel MansellWilliams-RenaultMonza
1992Ayrton SennaMcLaren-HondaMonza
1993Damon HillWilliams-RenaultMonza
1994Damon HillWilliams-RenaultMonza
1995Johnny HerbertBenetton-RenaultMonza
1996Michael SchumacherFerrariMonza
1997David CoulthardMcLaren-MercedesMonza
1998Michael SchumacherFerrariMonza
1999Heinz-Harald FrentzenJordan-Mugen-HondaMonza
2000Michael SchumacherFerrariMonza
2001Juan Pablo MontoyaWilliams-BMWMonza
2002Rubens BarrichelloFerrariMonza
2003Michael SchumacherFerrariMonza
2004Rubens BarrichelloFerrariMonza
2005Juan Pablo MontoyaMcLaren-MercedesMonza
2006Michael SchumacherFerrariMonza
2007Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-MercedesMonza
2008Sebastian VettelFerrariMonza
2009Rubens BarichelloBrawn-MercedesMonza
2010Fernando AlonsoFerrariMonza
2011Sebastian VettelRed Bull-RenaultMonza
2012Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-MercedesMonza
2013Sebastian VettelRed Bull-RenaultMonza
2014Lewis HamiltonMercedesMonza
2015Lewis HamiltonMercedesMonza
2016Nico RosbergMercedesMonza
2017Lewis HamiltonMercedesMonza
2018Lewis HamiltonMercedesMonza
2019Charles LeclercFerrariMonza