Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie?

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Joe Exotic has become a worldwide phenomenon and that leads us to asking the following question – who would play him in Tiger King: The Movie?

I think I may be one of the few people on the planet who has not seen the Netflix show, but having read about it to write this article I can honestly say it sounds absolutely bats**t crazy!

Exotic, real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, was a prolific breeder of tigers during his time as a zoo operator in Oklahoma, but he now serving time in prison after being found guilty of animal abuse on 17 charges while also being found guilty of two counts of murder for hire.

That’s right, Exotic was found guilty of trying to hire someone to murder Carole Baskin, the CEO of ‘Big Cat Rescue’ – a non-profit animal sanctuary in Tampa. He tried to hire himself a hitman when in reality that person was an FBI agent – clearly his decision-making is as bad as his haircut!

(Oh, and just to make this thing even more bizarre, Baskin has been accused of killing her husband).

I have so many questions right now (which will be answered when I inevitably binge-watch the show), but after everything I have just read I have just one question that needs to be answered right now – who would play Joe Exotic in Tiger King: The Movie (come one folks, you know this is coming)?

Well, our pals at Paddy Power are always up for a laugh and they have already priced up a whole host of Hollywood stars would could soon don a blond mullet and non-matching handlebar moustache to play the zoo operator-turned-convicted felon-turned-Netflix megastar!

Three men currently head up the betting at 4/1, and I can immediately see either of these men in the role – Kevin Bacon, Billy Bob Thornton and Edward Norton (I have to be honest, I had to Google search the latter but once I saw a picture I was sold).

Thornton would be able to nail that southern drawl and he is not afraid to take chances with his facial hair, but Bacon first made his name during an era of shocking haircuts and I can just picture him now rocking a blond mullet!

Comedic actor David Spade is next up at 6/1 and could be a tempting selection for producers should they perhaps decide to go down the humorous, ridiculous route (and that is saying something considering the actual Netflix show sounds ridiculous as it is).

Paddy Power is not ruling out the prospect of going all in for a big-spending blockbuster, and for that reason Brad Pitt rounds out the top five contenders to play Joe Exotic in Tiger King: The Movie. Well, for that reason and the fact anyone who has seen ‘Kalifornia’ knows he could nail this role!

Further down the betting there are the likes of Christian Bale at 14/1, both Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman at 20/1, and Tom Hardy at 33/1, and should this movie get the go ahead there will undoubtedly be a whole host of actors looking to sport the mullet and tame some tigers.

The race to play Joe Exotic: Tiger King is on… let’s just hope none of the actors try to hire an FBI agent to bump off a rival to get into the role!

Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie? Kevin Bacon @ 4/1

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon (Photo by Image Press Agency/SIPA USA/PA Images).

Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie? Billy Bob Thornton @ 4/1

Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton (Photo by Armando Gallo/Zuma Press/PA Images).

Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie? Edward Newton @ 4/1

Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie? David Spade @ 6/1

David Spade
David Spade (Photo by Hahn Lionel/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images).

Who Would Play Joe Exotic In Tiger King: The Movie? Brad Pitt @ 8/1

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt (Photo by Nick Agro/Zuma Press/PA Images).