Oasis To Reunite In 2020? Bookies Say Don’t Roll With It!

Leigh Copson /

Oasis fans have been keen to see the Gallagher brothers reunite and reform the band for over a decade, but the bookmakers believe they need to give up that dream, at least for this year that is!

Oasis became superstars in the 90s as the Britpop scene took over the music industry, with albums ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ proving to be critical and commercial successes.

However, all of that success was not enough to keep the two brothers on good terms and they eventually went their ways in 2009, and while both men have enjoyed some success since then, some might say that neither man has reached the supersonic heights they achieved when they were on stage together.

They have also not spoken in that time, but could 2020 be the year in which the Gallagher brothers finally reunite and put their fans in a Champagne Supernova?

Liam has a masterplan – he has publicly stated his desire for a reunion that would see Oasis perform a special concert that would raise fund for the National Health Service (the NHS), and he has insisted that the band will take to the stage in the future “with or without Noel Gallagher”.

“Trust me, it’ll still blow your knickers off,” he added.

So would it be with or without Noel?

Previously the man who penned Oasis’ biggest hits had been quiet on the subject, but in a recent interview with British Vogue he claimed he has often considered getting the band back together.

“I’ve often thought ‘let’s just do a gig’,” Noel said. “But I realised I would only be doing it to shut this f**king idiot up.

“The only other thing I could come up with was burning his house down or smashing his car in, but that’s not going to solve anything is it?”

Noel’s comments suggest there is very little (by little) chance of the Gallagher boys taking to the stage together in 2020, and the bookmakers are certainly paying attention to him because Betway is 1/20 that Oasis do not reunite before the end of the year.

Stranger things have happened though, especially in the music industry, and the firm is 15/2 that the brothers Gallagher don’t look back in anger and reunite before 23:59 GMT on December 31st.