Virtual Darts: How To Watch & Bet On Virtual Darts

Dave Kuzio /

Virtual darts has never been more popular and here takes a look at how you can bet on the action and watch live streams of virtual darts matches.

What is Virtual Darts?

At first glance, virtual darts looks identical to what you would be watching if the Premier League Darts or the World Championships were on television.

The presentation of virtual darts is sensational. They have been able to use senior tour darts players for this game, including the likes of Alan Tabern, Colin Osborne, Darryl Fitton, Peter Manley and Alan Warriner-Little.

How Does Virtual Darts Work?

The way the game is played is very similar to watching a live game of darts. They have included the split screen that shows the player throwing his darts and where they actually land in the board. To make it more realistic, you still have scorer Russ Bray bellowing out the scores in his distinctive voice.

Each virtual darts match takes place over one single leg of darts, meaning this is not a highlights package as all the darts are thrown and shown. Each game should last no longer than five minutes in total.

How To Bet On Virtual Darts

There are not as many betting markets available to bet on in virtual darts that you have in soccer or cricket, but there is enough to make it fun.

There are five markets for you to bet on during a virtual darts match. They are as follows:

Match Winner – This allows you to back either of the competing players, there is no draw option.

Checkout Markets – This market is seen as one, but it has three separate sections and allows you to bet on a number of options of how a player completes a checkout.

Red or Green – You can bet on which colour he checks out on – red or green.

Dart – The options in this section include Double 20 or Double 10, Double 16 or Double 8 or Others.

Total – This allows you to bet over or under the total a player checks out on. You have the option of under 40.5 or over 40.5.

1st Three Darts – This market allows you to bet on either player and the score they will produce from their first visit to the board. You can bet on under 90, 90-110 or over 110.

Match Events – This is very similar to how you can bet in a real darts match. You have the option of betting on a 180 in the match or a nine-dart finish.

Wincast – This bet is a little bit more of a gamble as you are predicting the winner of the match and how he actually checks out. One of the options could see you back Alan Tabern to win the match with a checkout score of over 40.5 and finishing with double 20 or 10.

How To Watch Virtual Darts Live

It is simple to watch any of the 11 virtual sports that will be streamed live with bet365. All you have to do is make sure you have an open account, log in with your username and password details. Then scroll down the selection of sports down the left-hand side of your screen and select Virtual Sports.

This will take you take you to a new page, where you have the option to choose which sport you want to get involved. The choices are horse racing, greyhounds, soccer, cricket, motor racing, speedway, American football, trotting, cycling, darts and tennis.

Click on the sport you want and the match you have selected will stream live automatically. You have all the betting options on the same page, so you can continue to watch all the action while deciding what to bet on.