Virtual Cricket: How To Watch & Bet On Virtual Cricket

Dave Kuzio /

Virtual cricket has never been more popular and here takes a look at how you can bet on the action and watch live streams of virtual cricket matches.

What is Virtual Cricket?

The great thing about technology nowadays, is that you can literally watch and bet on any sport you like. bet365 are going big in the world of virtual sports and cricket is becoming more and more popular.

Virtual cricket is relatively new in terms of being able to bet and watch it as a virtual sport. Each cricket match lasts two overs per innings, this version is a lot more realistic than virtual soccer. The site uses real filmed footage to include in the simulation and commentary is provided by former England Test and Middlesex left-arm spinner Phil Tufnell.

How Does Virtual Cricket Work?

Virtual cricket has two competitions you can bet on. They are as follows:

Clayton Oval Internationals – This tournament is based on the international game and you can bet on teams like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, India and England.

Greenway Field Premier League – This is based on the very popular Indian Premier League format. The teams you can bet on and watch in this version include Rajasthan, Bangalore, Delhi, Punjab, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Each virtual cricket game that is streamed live should take no longer than four minutes to complete. The home team will bat first, followed by the away team. The winning team is determined by which team scores the most runs.

Every team playing at Clayton Oval or Greenway Field is given a star rating for both batting and fielding. This allows you to quickly study the teams and decide whether you want to bet with a handicap, or just normal match winner bets.

How To Bet On Virtual Cricket

As you can bet on virtual cricket, there is obviously some betting markets available for you to place bets on while you watch the action. Here are the most popular:

Match Winner – This allows you to back the home team, the away team of the draw.

Total Match Boundaries – This allows you to bet on how many boundaries are scored in the match. You can opt for under 4/5 or over 4.5 boundaries.

Total Match Fours – This is similar to the total match boundaries market. You can bet on how many fours are scored using the over/under function. You can back whether the number of fours will be over or under 1.5 or 2.5.

Total Match Runs – This section allows you to back odd or even on the total runs scored in each match.

Both Teams To Hit A Four – You can bet on whether or not both teams hit a four during their innings, using yes or no.

Both Teams To Hit A Six – Identical to the one above, but this time you are betting on whether or not both teams hit a six.

1st Method Of Dismissal – This allows you to try and predict the method in which the first wicket for each team will happen. Your options are caught, bowled, LBW or no wicket.

Runs Off 1st Delivery – This betting option gets you involved right from the beginning. You can bet on what happens with the first ball of the game. You can back under or over for 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 runs.

Total Wickets Lost – This allows you to bet on how many wickets each team will lose during their innings. You can back zero, 1, 2 or over 3.5.

To Lose Wicket – This is very simple, you bet on yes or no as to whether or not you think a certain team will lose a wicket during their two overs.

How To Watch Virtual Cricket Live

It is simple to watch any of the 11 virtual sports that will be streamed live with bet365. All you have to do is make sure you have an open account, log in with your username and password details. Then scroll down the selection of sports down the left-hand side of your screen and select Virtual Sports.

This will take you take you to a new page, where you have the option to choose which sport you want to get involved. The choices are horse racing, greyhounds, soccer, cricket, motor racing, speedway, American football, trotting, cycling, darts and tennis.

Click on the sport you want and the match you have selected will stream live automatically. You have all the betting options on the same page, so you can continue to watch all the action while deciding what to bet on.