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Tennis Betting Tips: How to Bet on Tennis

Betting on tennis is very straight-forward. Every major bookmaker will offer outright odds, bets on who will each quarter and then a wide range of match betting options. To find the various markets available, simply go to the bookmaker of your choice and head to the TENNIS menu, which will either be found via a direct link on the homepage or in the A-Z menu. Once there simply scroll through the different options and find the bet of your choice.

If you want to place accumulator bets on matches then simply click on the odds for each player and they will automatically be added to your betting slip. Once you have made your selections, click on the slip and all available multiple options will be displayed. Input your stake and place your bets.

Outright Winner Bets

All bookmakers will offer odds on the outright winner of any tennis tournament. This will be available throughout the tournament and the odds will be updated after each match. Some firms even offer outright betting while matches are in play. Each-way terms on this bet are 1/2 odds for 1,2 places. This means that if you bet on Andy Murray at odds of 14/1 and he loses in the final then you will lose half your stake but the other half will be paid at odds of 2/1, which would result in a profit. Be aware that you must select "each-way" on your betslip if you wish to have this insurance and that your stake will be doubled - a £10 each-way bet on Murray will require a total stake of £20.

Quarter Winner Bets

This bet is only available pre-tournament with some bookmakers. The bet is for a player to win their quarter of the draw, which is effectively saying that the player will make the semi-finals. This bet can be a good way to profit from players who have been given a good draw but who are unlikely to progress to the final or to win the tournament. 

Match Betting

All bookmakers will offer odds on individual match winners and it is simply a case of backing who you think will win the match.

Correct Score Betting

This is as simple as it seems, you bet on the final score in the match. There are four options; 2-0, 2-1, 1-2 and 0-2 and the bookmaker will offer odds on each. If you are correct then you win your bet.

Game Handicap Betting

Most bookmakers will offer game handicap betting on tennis matches. This is where you don't bet on a player to win the match but attempt to predict by how many games they will win. The bookmakers set a predicted game line to give both players odds of around even money and then you make your selection on whether the line is correct or not. This is a good bet to place when there are strong favourites in a match. Alex Zverev will, for example, be a short price favourite to win in the first round. There will be some that will think that the German will win easily and so may want to bet on him to cover a handicap line of 5.5 games (win by more than six games (6-3, 6-3 or better)) while there are others who may think his opponent can keep the match tight and so will either win or lose by less than six games.

Total Games Betting

Similar to the handicap, the bookmaker will set a line on how many games there will be in a match. The odds will then be roughly even money on either side of the line and punters have to decide whether there will be more or less than the amount of games predicted. A standard line for a hot favourite may be around 20 games, which would mean a 6-4, 6-4 win. If you think that there will be more than that (in a match where there are big servers for example) then you can bet on the Over. If you think there will be less then you can back Under. It doesn't matter who wins the match, simply how many games are played.

In-Play Betting

All bookmakers now offer in-play betting and the number of markets vary depending on the firm. bet365 tend to have the most and are quickest to update due to their live streaming technology, which is often ahead of the TV pictures. They will offer markets ranging from match winner to next point and the odds will reflect how the match is panning out. There are, however, often opportunities for tennis experts to read the game better than the traders and so to make a profit in-play.

Tennis Betting Tips: Expert Betting Advice

What should I look for when betting on tennis?

Betting on tennis is a lot like other sports, with form and fitness two of the main checks when placing a bet. However, the individual nature of tennis means that human factors come into play a lot more than with team sports.

What this means is that it is always important to check the Head-to-Head record of players, with some players likely to perform better against a particular style of player than others. There is also, of course, the psychological factors that go into a one-on-one battle. If a player has lost ten times in a row to another player then, no matter the recent form, he is likely to struggle in the eleventh meeting.

The other major factor is the conditions. Tennis obviously won't be played in rain or snow, like some sports are, but the court surface is crucial to how a player performs. Some players have a game that is suited to fast courts and so will thrive on grass and hard but struggle on clay. For others it is the exact opposite, with their game not at all suited to faster conditions.

Finally, injuries, knocks and fitness are crucially important when betting on tennis. If a player has played for five hours on Monday and required medical assistance during a match then he or she may not be in a good state for a match on the Tuesday morning. This kind of consideration has to be factored in both in pre-match and in-play tennis bet.

Because of this it is important to always read any latest news and to make sure that you are fully versed in the situation surrounding both a tournament and an individual match before placing any tennis bets.

Tennis Retirement Rules

Find out what happens to your tennis bet if a player has to quit a match due to injury.

What you Need to Know

Free Bets on Tennis

Can I get free bets on tennis?

Tennis is a really popular sport for bookmaker offers and free bets, with a whole host of firms offering regular money back specials on tennis multiples and enhanced odds on pre-determined bets.

There will usually be a daily special from most of the big name bookmakers and when a Grand Slam event is on almost all will offer some kind of enhancement, whether it is money back if a player wins the first set but loses the match, money back if a match goes to five sets or simply an enhanced price if a chosen player wins the tournament.

It really pays to be aware of all of the promotions as they can make a big difference to your betting profit and loss over the course of a year. 

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Tennis Live Streaming

Can I watch tennis live streaming online?

The absolute best thing that has happened to tennis in the last few years is that the online tennis betting boom has resulted in all of the major bookmakers investing heavily in live streaming of matches.

There is now basically no ATP or WTA Tennis tournament that takes place around the world that isn't live streamed online, including all four Grand Slams. 

Watching matches online is absolutely free and there is no need for any subscriptions. All you need to do to watch tennis from every continent, 24 hours a day, is to open an account with a bookmaker and sign-in. You'll then be able to watch the match of your choice, and you can bet in-play while the action unfolds.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BET365 LIVE STREAMING: Watch and bet on tennis live at bet365 > live streaming > tennis (geo-restrictions apply; funded account required or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify)

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