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London Mayor Election Betting Field - Odds & Runners

Betting guide to the London Mayor Candidates

We profile the five leading candidates

Boris Johnson (Conservative) 1.28 @ betfair

The incumbent, a mile ahead in the polls just a few weeks ago, but who now finds himself neck and neck with fierce rival Ken Livingstone. He certainly isn't home and dry; as I outlined in a piece last week, several traps still lie in wait for the blonde buffoon, most notably the unpopularity of the Government right now.

Instinct, however, suggests that like all the great rivalries in recent years (Federer-Nadal, Messi-Ronaldo, X-Factor-Strictly), people will naturally side with one, and viscerally stick to it. You are either a Ken person, or a Boris person. I expect a very similar result to 2008.

Popularity of Party: 3
Gaffe-ability: 9
Annoyance Factor: 3
Chances of Winning: 9

Ken Livingstone (Labour) 4.4 @ betfair

It is nothing short of remarkable that Ken Livingstone is still considered a potential Mayor. Having spent his campaign offending gays, Jews and fans of the truth, Livingstone nonetheless retains a healthy share of the vote, and is surely the only candidate who can topple Boris Johnson.

Labour's two best-known peers (television's Sugar and Winston) have also both openly blasted Livingstone, and as for the Commons, Ed Miliband appears to be the only Labour big dog willing to be seen in public with Red Ken. His own party don't back him - why on earth would Londoners?

Popularity of Party: 5
Gaffe-ability: 10
Annoyance Factor: 9
Chances of Winning: 7

Siobhan Benita (Independent) 150.00 @ betfair

Ah, Ms Benita, the great outsider, anti-politics, voice-of-the-people etc etc. But like all politicians, Ms Benita manages to paint a very different picture to the truth. As Leo McKinstry pointed out in last week's Spectator, Benita is a greater part of the establishment than any other candidate, including Johnson.

Having worked at the top end of the civil service for most of her career, it is little surprise that she spouts greater drivel than every other candidate. She wants to, "encourage young people to engage with the police," and, "believes gang members need care and support." Go away you annoying person.

Popularity of Party: 10
Gaffe-ability: 2
Annoyance Factor: 7
Chances of Winning: 3

Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrats) 290.00 @ betfair

Having only secured less than 10% of the vote in 2008 (in the days when the Lib Dems were fairly popular), it is puzzling why the party opted for Paddick again. If he couldn't come anywhere near winning back then, why should it be any different now? Perhaps the answer lies in the summer riots; back then Lib Dem strategists must have imagined that law and order would be the big issue of the Mayoral race, and who better than a former top cop to front the Lib Dem campaign. Yet the riots have faded into the background of Londoners' consciousness, and if anything, the police bore the brunt of the blame for laissez faire action whilst the looting went on. Expect Paddick to poll less than five percent.

Popularity of Party: 2
Gaffe-ability: 1
Annoyance Factor: 5
Chances of Winning: 1

Jenny Jones (Green) 830.00 @ betfair

What a decline for the one-time queen of US daytime television; from fronting shows like 'I want to date a wild looking woman' to debating housing with Brian Paddick.

Of course not, as Harry Hill might say. This Jenny Jones has however been on television far too much, with all major broadcasters bafflingly including her along with the 'Big 3' in their televised debates. Green poll ratings do not deserve such a platform, and neither does their weak candidate. We're all skint woman - global warming can wait!

Popularity of Party: 8
Gaffe-ability: 4
Annoyance Factor: 8
Chances of Winning: 0

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London Mayor Election Betting Field - Odds & Runners

Betting guide to the London Mayor Candidates

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