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What is a banker bet and how do I place them?

Mark Giles 21 Oct 2013
Placing a banker bet means you narrow down the number of bets placed. (credit:Credit by bettingpro)

How to add a banker bet to your football or racing accumulator

Someone might describe a football team as a “banker” to win a particular game although the term is also used by bookmakers to help customers place a multiple bet.

Why do people have bankers in their multiple bets?
Two main reasons are 1) they have confidence that a particular team is going to win their match and 2) they want to narrow down their betting options by selecting bankers.

Let’s say you wanted to place a Champions League multiple including Arsenal, Celtic, FC Porto and Barcelona as per the below. We visited bet365 to place our bets, firstly clicking on the respective teams to add them to the bet slip.

Now that our four teams are added to the bet slip, we want to create the banker option and we do this by selecting Banker from the drop-down menu. 

We now have the option to make one or more of the four teams a banker. As the name suggests, making any team a banker means that you are pinning all your hopes (and bets) on the side winning their respective game. Failure to do so will mean all bets are down!

OK, so in the below example, we are going to make the mighty Arsenal our one banker from the four selections. This gives us the following betting options:

  • 1B + 1/3 which means three doubles (Arsenal / Celtic, Arsenal / Porto, Arsenal / Barcelona)
  • 1B + 2/3 which means three trebles (Ars/Celt/Porto, Ars/Celt/Barca, Ars/Porto/Barca)
  • 1B + 3/3 which means one accumulator featuring all four teams

We don’t have to place all seven of the above bets. We might simply choose to have three trebles all featuring Arsenal or perhaps doubles and trebles without the accumulator the choice is yours.

In the second example below, we are going to make Arsenal and Barcelona the bankers.

This provides us with fewer betting options as bet365 presume that by making the Gunners and Barca bankers, we want to include these teams in all available bets.

So we can either choose to place two trebles (our two bankers + one other team) or an accumulator. Note that we can vary the stake so we might choose to place £10 trebles but go for a £5 accumulator on the basis that it’s a slightly riskier bet.

We can place banker bets like this on any sport that is applicable. You might want to place this type of bet for horse racing, while many tennis fans like to have an accumulator with bankers such as Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

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What is a banker bet and how do I place them?

How to add a banker bet to your football or racing accumulator

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