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First Goalscorer betting tips - How to profit from First Goalscorer bets

First Goalscorer betting is one of the most popular types of bet on a football match and at we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to bet on First Goalscorers to maximise profits.

Betting on football can be a complex business but it can also be a very easy process. Whilst some markets, such as Asian Handicap betting, can be very difficult to understand and are usually the preserve of professional punters, others, such as First Goalscorer betting, are really very simple and can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone.

The premise of a First Goalscorer bet couldn't be easier, you simply select the player that you think will open the scoring in a particular match and the bookmaker offers you odds on that happening. If your bet wins then you win back your stake multiplied by the odds. 

Why place a First Goalscorer bet?

There are two main reasons for placing a First Goalscorer bet, for fun and for profit and there is no reason that the two cannot overlap. The fact that First Goalscorer bets offer better odds than match winner bets means that they are attractive for both novices and professionals alike as they offer big returns from small stakes and can also be harder to price up, due to the number of different players in the market.

There is also the 'fun' aspect of backing either your favourite player or a player that you feel may be overlooked by the odds compilers. There's a real satisfaction in getting a First Goalscorer bet correct and as much of that is getting one over on the bookies as it is cheering a player you enjoy watching hitting the back of the net.

How to bet on a First Goalscorer

Placing a First Goalscorer bet is a very simple process. Most online bookmakers will do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is navigate to the match that you want to bet on and click on the First Goalscorer market, usually it'll be one of the 'featured markets'.

An example of  a Bet365First Goalscorer market

After selecting your player, you simply fill your stake into the betting slip and place your bet.

One thing to be aware of when placing a First Goalscorer bet is the option to place your wager Each Way. The stakes will be split between the First Goalscorer selection and your player to fail to score first but to score at a later point in the match. Check out your particular bookmaker's First Goalscorer betting rules to be sure of the place terms.

First Goalscorer betting tactics

There are various tactics to use when placing a First Goalscorer bet, with different punters opting for different techniques. Some people like to go with the club's leading scorer or the favourite in the market for an important game, using the logic that the cream of the crop will rise to the occasion. That can prove profitable if the matches are chosen very specifically but in general the short priced favourites will be losers over the course of a season.

Another technique is to bet on a long shot frequently, with the hope that a player who is 33/1 to score first will open the scoring just twice in a season. That can yield a profit but it is a risky tactic as there will be long periods without a win. However, if you are a regular watcher of a team then you can often gain an edge on the bookmakers that can prove profitable over the long term. Some punters will place a Lucky 15 bet to give them a chance of making a profit by getting some selections right.

That is the secret of First Goalscorer betting, knowing more than the odds compilers. It is rare that punters will want to bet on their own team but a First Goalscorer bet is one in which a regular viewer, who knows the style of play, likely formation and up to the minute team news, will know more than the bookmaker, who will generally use statistics to set odds.

Laurent Koscielny could be a long odds First Goalscorer pick for Arsenal fans

First Goalscorer money back specials

The other sure fire way to make money on First Goalscorer betting is to be aware of bookmaker money back specials and to use them appropriately. Every weekend all of the big named firms will be offering money back on First Goalscorer bets if a particular player scores first, scores last or if the match finishes in a certain result. 

This can open up betting opportunities for savvy punters. If you are a regular watcher of Tottenham Hotspur and have noticed that Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen have opened the scoring in 80% of their matches, and there is a firm that are refunding losing bets if Kane scores first, then there is an opportunity to back Eriksen to be the First Goalscorer. 

Similarly, if a firm are refunding all bets on Chelsea v Manchester United if United win, then it makes sense to cover a number of likely First Goalscorer options from the Blues with the insurance of money back if a United player scores first and they go on to win the match.

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First Goalscorer betting tips - How to profit from First Goalscorer bets

First Goalscorer betting is one of the most popular types of bet on a football match and at we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to bet on First Goalscorers to maximise profits.

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