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Bet Types Explained

Most punters know the basic concept sof a single, double or an accumulator, but have you heard of a Yankee or a Heinz? Plus, what's the difference between a Quadpot and a Placepot? We answer these questions with an explanation of all of the most common (and some not so common) bet types that can be placed with online bookmakers.

Different Bet Types

TrixiePatentYankee Canadian
HeinzLucky 15Lucky 31Lucky 63

Popular Betting Guides

Most people know the basics when it comes to betting but if you are new to betting on football then you'll want to read the following guides to the most popular markets.

Sports Betting Guides

Are you an expert in one sport but a little unsure once you leave your comfort zone? Perhaps you're looking to brach out and start betting on more sports? We have guides on how to bet on all major sports with tips and tactics for beginners and experts that will have you betting better in no time.

Betting Strategies

Betting is not just about picking winners, it's about financial management. If you're going to be a winning punter then you'll need to learn proper money management, in particular bankroll management. There are many different schools of thought on these topics and we want to present as many theories as possible, so that you can make informed financial decisions regarding your betting.

Money Management

Financial Strategies
Bankroll Management
Cash Out Tips
Money Management Tips
Staking Systems
Exchange Trading
Spread Betting

Exchange Betting

Betting exchanges, such as Betfair, are now an integral part of the industry with millions of pounds matched on every event. The bookmakers use the exchanges and punters can do so as well, which opens up a whole word of trading possibilities. But it's not for novices. Read our guides to help you navigate the world of betting exchanges and learn how to maximise your profits and minimise losses through this unique betting format.
Do you have questions relating to betting? The odds are that you are not alone. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with detailed answers that should leave you feeling satisfied.

Exchange Betting

Exchange Betting Tips
What is a Back bet?
What is a Lay bet?
Exchange Betting Tips

Betting Terminology

Betting has its own language and if you are new to the world of sports gambling then you may find yourself a little lost, particularly on social media. Here's a guide to the different terms you'll here and what they mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Betting Questions Answered

What is an Each-Way Bet?
What does odds of 8 to 1 mean?
What does SP mean in Horse Racing?
What is Spread Betting?
What is Exchange Betting?

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