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EuroMillions worth £141 million tonight!

Susan Tully 24 Jun 2013
EuroMillions worth £141 million tonight!

£141 million to be won tonight!

Excitement mounts tonight as the EuroMillions lottery rolls over for the sixth time. 

Tuesday’s results failed to secure a winner and the £122 million jackpot rolled over for a sixth time and tonight, one lucky winner could walk away with a £141 million jackpot. 

Tuesday’s EuroMillions results were 17, 24, 33, 41, 44 with Lucky Stars 1 and 11. As is the case every week, one British player became an instant millionaire with the Millionaire Raffle Draw with the numbers PTY033986.

The price of a EuroMillions ticket is £2 for a line of numbers and if you are in the UK, it includes the Millionaire Raffle draw which guarantees a millionaire with every lottery. 

While no one was able to win the jackpot, thirteen players won £118,798 each as the second level prize when they matched all the five main numbers and a Lucky Star. Additionally, twenty one players won £24,514 each as the third tier prize while a fourth tier prize of £2,860 went to 90 players. 

As is always the case when the jackpot rolls over, the consolation prizes decreased in value but the number of winners increased. On Tuesday, there were a total of 3.63 million EuroMillions winners

Given the size of tonight’s jackpot, even a second or third tier win could mean a sizable fortune. Interestingly enough, while the odds of winning the actual jackpot are 1 in 116 million, your odds of winning one of the 13 tier prizes are actually 1 in 23. 

Playing the EuroMillions is really quite simple and while you can always purchase tickets at your local retailers we recommend you play online. The biggest advantage of playing online is that if you win, you get an instant notification of your win.

There have been cases where players have won prizes but were unable to claim their win due to misplaced tickets. Playing EuroMillions online ensures that you can claim your win instantly. Tickets are priced at £2 a line of numbers and when you play online you can pre-buy for several weeks at a time. 

To participate in tonight’s EuroMillions lottery simply:

  1. Visit National Lottery through this link

  2. Register for an account

  3. Buy your tickets now

Good luck!

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EuroMillions worth £141 million tonight!

The EuroMillions lottery has rolled over for the sixth time and one lucky winner just might walk away with £141 million. 

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