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Team handball has a huge following especially in Europe. And makes sure that updates, tips and schedules in this sport are regularly posted on the website.

Handball fans can watch and bet on their favourite matches every time they visit Bettors can choose from various markets, including the winners, the winning margin, total goals scored and goals scored by each team. They can also pick the top scorers and the first scorer of each match. 

The most prestigious handball tournaments are governed by the International Handball Federation (HF). Among the most-watched IHF-sanctioned events are the World Men's Handball Championship and World Women's Handball Championship. 

The World Championships are held every two years

The World Men's Handball Championship was first held in 1938 and is being staged biennially during odd number years. Sweden, France and Romania have won four world titles each while Spain is the reigning world champion.
The World Women's Handball Championship, meanwhile, was established in 1957. The tournament is also being held every two odd years.

Russia holds the record for most world titles with seven. Norway is the reigning world champion and this year's edition of the tournament will be held in Serbia in December. 

There's also a fan base for the age-group events. This includes the Men's Junior World Handball Championship, Women's Junior World Handball Championship, Men's Youth World Handball Championship and Women's Youth World Handball Championship.

The Olympic Games handball tournament, both for men and women, are also must-see events both for hardcore fans and bettors alike. Handball was included at the 1936 Berlin Olympics sporting calendar and was a demonstration sport at the 1952 Helsinki Games.  Handball became a permanent Olympic sport in 1972.

Another major handball event is the IHF Super Globe also known as the World Club Championships. The continental champions in each of the regional confederations take part in this event. The annual tournament has been staged in Doha, Qatar, for the past three years.

Team handball is most popular in Europe so naturally it is where the world's top clubs and players are based.
The European Handball Federation (EHF) is the governing body of the sport in the continent. The top-tier international tournaments under the EHF are the European Men's Handball Championship and European Women's Handball Championship.

Both tournaments are held biennially on even number years. Age-group tournaments (Junior and Youth) are also being held regularly. The EHF also sanctions club competitions with the Champions League and Women's Champions League being the top-tier tournaments.

Other EHF-sanctioned club competitions are the EHF Cup, EHF Challenge Cup, Women's EHF Cup and Women's EHF Challenge Cup. Other continental governing bodies for the sport are the Asian Handball Federation, African Handball Confederation, Pan-American Team Handball Federation and the Oceania Handball Federation.

Many countries also have their own domestic handball leagues. Among the most popular leagues in the world are the Liga Asobal (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Handball Union of Russia, Dansk Handbold Forbund (Denmark) and Ligue Nationale de Handball (France).

Outside Europe, handball is widely played in Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and North Africa.

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