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Betting on the financial markets is a commonplace activity, especially as so many bookmakers offer fixed-odds prices when it comes to currencies, share prices and gilts.

There are also spread betting firms such as IGindex who offer customers the chance to make things exciting by ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ share prices and currencies. This doesn’t mean you’re actually buying currency but speculating with money as to whether the exchange rate will rise or fall.

Get a welcome gift when you open a financial spread betting account

Financial spread firms will often provide new customers with a welcome gift when they register a new account, while the same applies with any bookmaker who offer fixed-odds betting on currencies.

Here at, we publish a daily market comment section and there are also press releases issued from the bookmakers when it comes to the latest budget and the odds available.

One of the most popular financial betting markets is five minute interval betting on the FTSE, with customers able to bet on where the FTSE will end up every five minutes. The odds update in real time according to the movement of the FTSE which makes for an exciting betting heat.

There are also hourly and daily markets available, with the FTSE just one of several stock exchanges covered. The DAX and Wall Street are two other notable ones, while there is also the opportunity to bet on exchange rates such as GBP / USD or EUR / JPY.

Get a free play balance to try out financial betting

Some bookmakers such as Ladbrokes give customers a free play balance so that they can try out financial betting before deciding whether to fund their own accounts. There are also tutorials available which explain how to place financial bets.

In a nutshell, you predict whether the level of a market will finish above or below one of the displayed levels at the market expiry time. If you are correct, you win! It’s then a case of choosing a market from the list, with an up arrow suggesting that the market level is trending upwards, while the down arrow suggests the opposite.

Betting on commodities is also popular and allows customers to bet on Brent, Gold, Nymex and Silver. There is also the chance to bet on shares such as BP, Barclays, Rio Tinto and Vodafone.

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