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Rollins to tame ‘The Beast’? Get WrestleMania 35 betting tips

Can Rollins tame 'The Beast'? (

WWE WrestleMania 35 predictions for the pay per view on Sunday, April 7. Will Seth Rollins dethrone WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar, and can Kofi Kingston’s stunning rise end with him becoming WWE Champion for the first time? Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

To say Braun Strowman’s career has stalled would be an understatement. In 2018 he was arguably the most popular star the WWE had – the fans were getting behind him and he was expected to be the man that finally ended Brock Lesnar’s reign as champion on RAW. But instead of pushing him to the moon WWE opted to have him team with a child in a ridiculous tag team match at WrestleMania that almost killed his momentum dead in its tracks, and whatever was left to salvage was then pretty much destroyed as Strowman spent the rest of the year doing almost nothing of note aside from occasionally losing to Lesnar. If Strowman is not victorious here then his potential to be a future headliner is dead and buried, so I expect the former strongman star to be victorious in this match.

Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins

When the WWE responded to Roman Reigns’ Leukemia diagnoses by putting the Universal Championship back on part-time performer Brock Lesnar, a good portion of the ‘WWE Universe’ let out a collective yawn. ‘The Beast’ has dominated this title over the past few years despite only making sporadic appearances, and to say a good portion of that fanbase is sick of it would be an understatement. They are not sick of Seth Rollins though, who has been a top performer for the company since debuting as part of The Shield several years ago. The crowd in New Jersey will be firmly in his corner and it is simply a case of will the WWE want to anger 70,000-plus by keeping the belt on Lesnar? They have done it before, but on this occasion I expect the company to give the fans what they want, with Rollins taming ‘The Beast’ to leave as Universal Champion.

Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston’s rise to main event player on Smackdown has been both refreshing and entertaining. It has also been organic. Kingston has been a popular member of the roster for several years now as part of The New Day but very few have considered him a possible top guy for the brand he has been on. That all changed a few months ago when he was thrust into a match due to an injury to another performer, and the fans got behind him like they have never done before. It was not a one-off thing either – their support only intensified week after week as he was made to overcome all sorts of hurdles by Mr McMahon, and all of this build will now culminate with a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. But will WWE ‘pull the trigger’ and put Smackdown’s top title on him? Out of the two brands WWE has taken more risks with its main championship over the years, but I cannot shake the feeling that Kingston is not going to be afforded an opportunity right now. WWE likes to throw out surprise result or two at every WrestleMania and this could be one of those matches at MetLife Stadium. Therefore I am backing Bryan to escape as champion here, using dastardly methods of course.

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Rollins to tame ‘The Beast’? Get WrestleMania 35 betting tips

WWE WrestleMania 35 predictions for the pay per view on Sunday, April 7.

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