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League of Legends European League Championship Week 7 Day 2: The new El Clasico, and a relegation brawl

ghfgh fghfghfg 10 Jul 2015
  • EU LCS Week 7 Day 2
  • Fnatic vs. H2K Origen
  • Giants and Gambit battle for playoff positioning
  • SK and the Wolves fight to avoid relegation
Once teammates, Yellowstar and XPeke lead their teams to battle at the top of the table.

It's Round 2 of the new 'El Clasico' as Fnatic squares off with Origen, while Giants and Gambit have a key tilt and the battle for the basement between the Wolves and SK rounds out the week.

Game-day Odds per Pinnacle Sports (as of 09July)

H2K Gaming (1.335) vs. ROCCAT (3.350)

Giants Gaming (2.139) vs. Gambit Gaming (1.724)

Unicorns of Love (1.588) vs. Elements (2.389)

Fnatic (1.395) vs. Origen (3.020)

SK Gaming (1.414) vs. Copenhagen Wolves (2.929)


Fnatic (13-0) vs. Origen (10-3)

Round 2 of the new El Clasico will be the showcase match of the day on Friday, as Fnatic looks to set an LCS record with their 14th consecutive win as they face 2nd place Origen.

In the first of their gauntlet games this week, Fnatic was almost vanquished. After dropping 2 kills in the first minute and falling behind 7-1, it was a show of gall and teamwork from Fnatic, who came from behind for the victory. Leading the charge was Mid laner Febiven, who had a spectacular 5-0-5 game on Jayce. Aside from the glamour of the carry lanes, Support laner YellOwStaR showed once again why he is the class of European supports, getting assists on 17 of his team's 18 kills. By winning in spectacular come-from-behind fashion, Fnatic proved yet again why they are the best team in Europe, and why they may well be a legitimate threat come Worlds in the Fall.

If there's any team that has shown to perhaps be in the same class as Fnatic this split, it has been the veteran roster of Origen. In spite of a remarkably one-sided loss to Fnatic in Week 4, they have shown to be a strong challenger to Fnatic's throne. They are led by ADC Niels, who's 10.9 KDA is second in Europe. The key to beating Fnatic will lie in mid lane, however; can the veteran XPeke put down the All-Star sophomore Febiven? He couldn't in Week 4, but don't count him out here.

Betting against Fnatic seems like a fools errand at this point, but consider the form they've shown in the last two weeks. Both their win over H2K on Thursday, as well as their victory over Giants in Week 6, were the result of poor early games. Origen is notorious for building towards late game, so if they can manage a strong early game, they might well have the stuff to end the win-streak. The odds are long; the chances, however, are not.

PICK: Origen

H2K Gaming (9-4) vs. ROCCAT (5-8)

H2K will look to recover from one of the more epic collapses of the split, as they take middling ROCCAT to open up action on Friday.

It was a story of tragedy for H2K on Thursday, as they scuttled an 8-1 lead over Fnatic in the early game with poor mid-game play calls and a lack of scaling. Jungler Loulex simply wasn't good enough for his club, as he was caught out of position by Fnatic far too much in the loss. H2K has two of the best solo laners in Europe in Ryu and Odoamne; the question is whether the talent gap to the other three is too significant for them to be a legitimate threat.

As has been the case in most splits, ROCCAT have been an enigma in the summer. They've won some games where they've looked like a real upset threat; and then there are others, like Thursday's loss to a poor Elements team, where they simply look lost. They actually have decent collective KDA's; Mid laner Nukeduck and Support Vander both average over 4. It's a matter of playing like a team, something they have struggled mightily to do all year.

The ROCCAT we saw on Thursday will be hard pressed to mount any kind of real threat to H2K; they simply aren't good enough. There is a chance we could see the ROCCAT that went 2-0 in Week 5... but that form looks a long ways away right now. H2K are the favourite for a reason. They'll right the ship.


SK Gaming (3-10) vs. Copenhagen Wolves (2-11)

SK need to play desperate

It's a desperation battle between the two clubs looking to avoid automatic relegation, as SK and the Wolves round out the week with a tense clash.

SK's collapse this split has been well-documented, but never has it looked as stark as it did on Thursday. They were absolutely shattered by Gambit gaming, losing 16-3 and never really showing any semblance of a fight. They are at serious risk of dropping out of the LCS for the first time in their illustrious history, and are desperate for a win against the Wolves. To do so, they'll need jungler Svenskeren to improve coming off an ugly 0-5-2 Ekko performance on Thursday.

Nothing has gone right for the Copenhagen Wolves this split, and they'll be fighting for their lives on Friday, as a loss all-but secures relegation. Without a win since beating Elements way back in Week 3, they are in desperate need for some kind of confidence booster. Their overhauled roster still looked to be adjusting to each other on Thursday, and there are real holes. Veteran Jungler Shook, formerly of Elements, needs to be a steadying force for this struggling bunch. 

Neither of these clubs has done anything to inspire confidence, and we may well be seeing the death knell for this iteration of SK Gaming. Still, they are a better team than the Wolves, and don't feature a roster that's completely in flux. They may not deserve to, but they should manage to come up with a win to stay alive on Friday.

PICK: SK Gaming

Giants Gaming (6-7) vs. Gambit Gaming (6-7)

This is an important match-up for the European playoff picture, as these two teams are tied for 4th with 6-7 records. Whereas Giants have been floundering somewhat since a surprise 4-1 start, Gambit has recovered from an ugly 0-4 start, and are looking like a dangerous team heading into the playoffs.

Giants were completely unclassed by Origen on Thursday, as they were unable to ride the hotstreak of carry Mid laner PepiiNeRO (Yasuo). It's up to them to prove that they are still a threat in Europe. Look to Support laner G0DFRED, who has been probably the biggest reason for the turnaround this split, for game-changing plays. As a player who prefers mage supports like Morgana and Janna, Giants are confident in his play-calls. They'll need him to step up on Friday.

Entering the Summer split, Gambit were expected to be a force. And, after a rocky 0-4 start which saw roster turmoil and near shake-up, that's exactly what they're proving to be as we head down the stretch. While the tendency is to lay all of the praise at the feat of Spring MVP Forg1ven, consider the play of Top laner Cabochard; his 7-2-4 Yasuo performance on Thursday was a textbook example of a Top carry. He has the chops to punch with the big boys, which Gambit will need as we head down the stretch.

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League of Legends European League Championship Week 7 Day 2: The new El Clasico, and a relegation brawl

It's Round 2 of the new 'El Clasico' as Fnatic squares off with Origen, while Giants and Gambit have a key tilt and the battle for the basement between the Wolves and SK rounds out the week.

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