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League of Legends European League Championship Fnatic's true test, Giants quest for the Top 3

ghfgh fghfghfg 10 Jul 2015
  • EU LCS Week 7 Day 1
  • Fnatic vs. H2K Gaming
  • Giants looks to upset Origen
  • SK vs Gambit in Round 2 of the 'Forg1ven Cup'
Fnatic are on top of the EU LCS

It's Day 1 of Week 7 of the European League Championship Series, featuring a heavyweight battle between Fnatic and H2K Gaming, Giants Gaming looking for the upset over Origen, and Round 2 of the 'Forgiven Cup'.

Week 7 Day 1 Odds per Pinnacle Sports (as of 08 July)

Unicorns of Love (1.227) vs. Copenhagen Wolves (4.320)

ROCCAT (1.769) vs. Elements (2.070)

Origen (1.384) vs. Giants Gaming (3.070)

H2K Gaming (3.070) vs. Fnatic (1.384)

Gambit Gaming (1.588) vs. SK Gaming (2.389)

Fnatic (12-0) vs. H2K Gaming (9-3)

The match of the week is a grudge match between the seemingly unstoppable Fnatic, and an H2K team fighting for 2nd place (and a World's berth) in the tight EU standings. 

Undefeated Fnatic has undoubtedly been the class of the EU LCS this split, a fact that was emphasized in their Week 5 domination of a very good H2K team. Led by a 6-1-3 Febiven (Jayce), Fnatic summarily dismantled H2K 17-8, a win which, at the time, put them at 9-0. H2K has gone 2-1 since the loss, with their surprising Week 5 loss to struggling SK Gaming looking like a blip at this point.

As was the case in Week 5, look to the Mid and Top lanes for the game-breaking plays in this one. Febiven vs. Ryu is a battle of two of the best mid-laners in the LCS, while the top lane match-up of Huni vs. Odoamne (which was emphatically dominated by Huni in Week 5) is a match-up of two of the region's hardest-carrying Top laners. Last time out, the focus of Fnatic's Jungler Reignover (Olaf) on top lane led to Huni (Ryze) steam-rolling Odoamne by over-100 CS and 5 kills. This time around, you can bet the Top-lane focus will come from both sides.

H2K looked great in Week 6, and you can bet that they'll be out for revenge. Still, Fnatic has been the absolute class of the region, and has proven to be a very tough out for all comers. In this game, the key for Fnatic will be staying the course; for H2K, it'll be making some magic happen. 

PICK: Fnatic

Unicorns of Love (5-7) vs. Copenhagen Wolves (2-10)

UOL will try and build on a productive Week 6, while the Wolves will continue the quest for their first win since Week 3 in this intriguing match-up which opens the day.

The Unicorns had arguably their toughest week yet in Week 6, and came out of it with a win over Origen and a hard-fought loss to H2K. They were led to victory last week by much-maligned ADC Vardags, who went 5-0-10 in a monster Corki game. They will need much the same from him this week, as well as a return to form from Mid-laner PowerOfEvil, who had an off-week in W6, and is looking to bounce back against the minnows of the LCS in the Wolves and Elements.

The Wolves need to start winning games if they are to have any chance of avoiding the automatic relegation that comes with finishing last in the table. Recent roster change-ups at Top, Jungle and Support failed to pay dividends for them in Week 6, as they were steam-rolled by Fnatic and Gambit. The focus, as always, will be on Mid laner Soren and ADC Freeze, who are the only hold-outs from the beginning of the split. A win will almost assuredly come on the back of their strong play.

UOL dominated the first game of the split between these two teams, surrendering just 3 deaths in a summary domination. Look for the same kind of play this week... and likely the same result.

PICK: Unicorns of Love

ROCCAT (5-7) vs Elements (4-8)

The battle to avoid relegation continues on W7D1, as ROCCAT and Elements square off in a return match from a W4 domination. 

ROCCAT enter on the back of an up-and-down W6, which saw them eke out a tough victory over SK Gaming, before showing very poor form against a resurgent Gambit on the second day. ROCCAT have been the poster-child for 'tweener' teams this split, doing just enough to avoid relegation, while never truly proving a threat to the top-tier teams. They'll look to Mid laner Nukeduck to carry heavily yet again; they'd do themselves a favour by locking him in on Varus, who he is 3-0 with this split.

Elements have proven to be as much of a disappointment this split as they were in the Spring. Dubbed a 'super team' entering the year, they just barely avoided relegation last split, and despite a complete roster overhaul entering the Summer, have yet to prove they are anything but a team fighting to stay in the division. Consider this: not a single player on Elements boasts a KDA over 3.0, not even legendary Mid laner Froggen. They need someone to step up.

Both of these teams are fighting battles on two fronts; on one hand, they are looking to avoid relegation. On the other, they are part of a mid-table logjam that sees the playoffs as still a distinct possibility. Week 4 domination aside, Elements was unable to channel a 2-0 W5 into a win in W6. Consider them on notice.


Origen (9-3) vs. Giants Gaming (6-6)

Giants have been the ultimate Cinderella story this split, and currently hold a very respectable 4th place in the EU LCS. They face a massive test on W7D1 though, as they go head-to-head with another team of giants, Origen.

Giants gave undefeated Fnatic their biggest scare of the season in W6, as they paced the league leaders to a very tight 21-17 contest. W6 saw the emergence of Mid laner PepiiNeRO's pioneering Ezreal-Runeglaive Mid lane. With a combined score of 16-4-16 from the two W6 games, you can bet teams will focus bans on the Spanish star and his new-found meta. They could use an improved performance from Jungler Fr3deric, whose poor showing on Gragas in W6 may have been the catalyst for their loss to Fnatic.

Origen continue to cruise towards the playoffs, though their surprising W6 loss to UOL showed that there are still some kinks to work out in the lineup. One of those kinks is not rookie ADC Niels, whose 10.1 KDA is second to only Fnatic's YellowStar in the EU LCS. Alongside legendary Mid laner XPeke, Origen boast arguably the strongest carry duo in Europe. It's up to the remainder of their roster to pull up the slack.

These two teams haven't squared off since W1D1, so any past match-ups are moot point. For Giants, a win will almost surely have to come on the skinny shoulders of PepiiNeRO. If Origen are smart (read: if they ban Ezreal), those load may be too much for one man to bear.

PICK: Origen

Gambit Gaming (5-7) vs. SK Gaming (3-9)

The fall of SK Gaming from Season 4 World Championship participants to a team in Season 5 that is battling to avoid relegation has been as rapid as it has been shocking, and though there is much credence to be given to the loss of carry ADC Forg1ven, SK faces deeper problems as they square off with their former teammate in W7.

At 3-9, SK sits just 1 win above automatic relegation, and face the biggest crisis in their prestigious histo

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League of Legends European League Championship Fnatic's true test, Giants quest for the Top 3

It's Day 1 of Week 7 of the European League Championship Series, featuring a heavyweight battle between Fnatic and H2K Gaming, Giants Gaming looking for the upset over Origen, and Round 2 of the 'Forgiven Cup'.

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