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Draw golden blackjack cards at Unibet Casino for cash prizes

Aaron Braund 10 Nov 2017
  • Play blackjack at Unibet Casino every weekend for a chance to draw golden cards - over £2500 up for grabs!

Will you draw a golden hand?

Out of all the blackjack promotions out there - mystery card style promotions are our absolute favourite. And Unibet Casino shuffl in special golden cards into their live blackjack tables every single weekend. In fact, there’s over £2,500 up for grabs with 200 prize cards to collect. How do you get your hands on yours? Let’s take a look:

How to draw a golden card at Unibet Casino

We’re used to promotions asking us to opt in, but the golden card promotion at Unibet requires no such step.

Ultimately, mystery card promotions all work in very similar ways - the casino adds special cards to the deck which are naturally drew while playing. If you manage to draw a card, then you win a prize. And that’s how it works during this promotion. Just head to any of the exclusive blackjack tables between 14:00 and 00:00 on Saturdays and Sundays - if you are dealt a gold card, your account will be credited with the stated amount.

The blackjack rooms you will want to head into are the BJ Unibet 1, 2, 3, and 4 rooms, and the Unibet BJ Flemish 1, 2, 3, and 4 rooms. There are 3 separate cards to draw, the €50, the €25 and finally the €10. The good news about the golden card promo is that you can earn more than one card - in fact you can earn 15 of them giving you a massive share of the pot. 

But what happens in the rare instance that a dealer draws a golden card? Fortunately for us, they don’t get to keep the card nor the cash - it just goes back into the dealers shoe. Another aspect to note of this promotion is the fact that these are cash prizes; there’s no wagering to complete or withdrawal restrictions to compete with. Once the cash is in your account - it’s yours to keep… or reinvest in to some more casino play. 

And there’s plenty to invest in at Unibet Casino, one of the best and brightest casinos around. From the latest NetEnt slots to a truly spectacular range of table games, this site has it all. And at the live casino, you can get started with a 200% triple your money bonus; deposit £100 and you will get £300 of funds to beat those dealers!

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotional period runs every Saturday and Sunday between 14:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT on our exclusive Blackjack tables: BJ Unibet 1, BJ Unibet 2, BJ Unibet 3, BJ Unibet 4
  • The Gold Cards will be placed randomly in to the shoe each day within the promotional period between 14:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT.
  • Gold Cards value will be vary – ranging from €10, €20, and €50.
  • A player will win the Gold Card amount regardless of the outcome of the hand.
  • Only the player who is sitting at the seat where the card is dealt will be eligible for the cash prize. Any players playing Bet Behind on that box will not receive any prize.
  • All cash amounts will be credited to players’ accounts within 72 hours of the Gold Card being dealt.
  • If a Gold Card is dealt to the dealer, it will be re-entered back in to the shoe.

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*Terms & Conditions apply. Gamble Responsibly. 18+.

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Draw golden blackjack cards at Unibet Casino for cash prizes

Head into the weekend with extra cash in your balance at Unibet Casino by drawing special golden cards. Here’s how it works:

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