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Progressive Blackjack - A Lucrative Alternative

  • Discover why progressive blackjack is the best way to make thousands of pounds in a single hand thanks to its unique betting structure.

Blackjack with an amazing payout

Millions of punters have enjoyed the rush of regular blackjack for a number of years but thanks to the growth of online gaming a slew of interesting variations of the game have sprung up. 

One such variant is Progressive Blackjack which is offered by a number of the top blackjack casinos in the world. Taking the standard game and adding an exotic twist in the form of a jackpot side bet, Progressive Blackjack allows skilled players to make more money each time they sit down to play. 

Top 10 casinos to play Progressive Blackjack

CasinoBonusTypes of blackjack
£10010+ blackjack variations
£5013 variations with free play option
£50Table limit: £150
£300 / 30x bonusTable limit: £10,000
£500All blackjack variations: Limit: £200
£40015 variations including live dealer
£200Live on ITV
£10ND10 Multihand blackjack games; Limit £10,000
£10NDTable limit: £10,000
£300Progressive BJ and other 21s variations

The Basics
Progressive blackjack works in exactly the same way as the traditional game, namely that you are engaged in a race to 21 against a dealer, but on top of the main action players are able to make additional wagers. Known as side bets and ploughed into a progressive jackpot (i.e. a prize that continues to grow as more players contribute to it), this feature is taken directly from progressive jackpot slot machines and can be just as lucrative. 

The first thing to note about side bets in progressive blackjack is that they aren't mandatory. Each side bet is priced according to the table stakes and can be activated by a player clicking the coin slot at the top of the gaming page. Once active a side bet is declared a winner if a player makes a hand listed on a specific payout table. 

In general these hands must include an ace and the main progressive jackpot is only paid out if a player is dealt four aces of the same suit in the same hand. Obviously the odds of this are high, but thanks to the incremental wins available for other hand combinations, it's a great way to make some extra cash whilst you're at the table. 

Be Wary
Although side bets are a great prospect in terms of making a lot of money, there is one thing you need to be aware of when playing progressive blackjack. Although these bets offer a way to boost your bankroll, they can actually serve to decrease your overall EV. 

All casino games, be it blackjack, roulette or anything else, require you to consider the profitability of your moves in terms of their long-term expectation. When you consider side bets in terms your overall blackjack strategy it's actually the case that they negatively impact on your EV because their cost chips away at your profit. Although it's possible to receive a huge return if you make a jackpot hand, the overall impact can serve to affect your bottom-line. 

The Balancing Act
Having said that side bets in progressive blackjack can decrease your overall EV, the main point remains that if you're prepared to accept this fact then it can still be a profitable game. In the gaming world it's important to find a balance between long-term value and short-term gain. 

While it may not be profitable to make side bets on every hand you play, it can certainly help your bankroll if you make them on certain occasions. Although there are no rules as to when you should make side bets, the main principle is that you should use them sparingly and see them more as a lucrative extra rather than a mandatory strategy. Indeed, if you see side bets as a chance to use some of your in-game profits to increase your winnings then it can be a fantastic way to play a rush of positive variance. 

Overall progressive blackjack presents an interesting alternative for regular blackjack players who are looking for the chance to hit a big score when their luck is in. Although playing the game for an extended amount of time might not be the best thing for your overall EV, the short-terms gains you can experience when you hit a jackpot hand will certainly help offset this risk. 

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Progressive Blackjack - A Lucrative Alternative

Discover why progressive blackjack is the best way to make thousands of pounds in a single hand thanks to its unique betting structure.

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