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Baseball World Cup/

Baseball is a predominantly American sport and it has always been up for debate whether or not the final of the season's MLB championship should be known as the World Series, since it only ever features teams from USA or Canada.

However, the popularity of the sport in Central American countries such as Cuba, Mexico and Panama, plus the influx of Japanese player to the Major League means that it is truly a worldwide sport, despite its location.

Bet In-Play on the MLB during the season

Baseball players are some of the highest earning sportsmen in the world and the sheer commercial appeal makes it of interest to spectators and punters, even if the rules can be a little hazy at times. MLB matches are currently being shown live every night on ESPN and alongside the matches there is the ability to not only bet pre-game but also to bet in-play, with odds changing after every ball, hit and strike.

The Major League Baseball season runs from April to September and, as such, it is one of the few sports that runs through the summer. This adds to its popularity and there will be a spike in media coverage of the sport and an increase in the visibility of baseball with most of the big bookmakers during the football off season.

Last year the MLB broke all attendance records for any sport with over 75 million people attending the 162 matches during the season. This means that it is a sport that cannot be ignored and it will only grow in popularity in Europe over the next few years.

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