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Baseball Betting Tips

Betting on Baseball

Baseball is a popular bat-and-ball sport that originated in Europe in the 1200s and was developed and organized in the United States in the 1850s. Known as America's pastime, the sport is also widely played in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia. 

Major League Baseball (MLB) is considered the top-level professional baseball league in the world while domestic leagues in Latin America and Japan are also producers of world-class players. 

You can bet on baseball through money lines, run lines, totals and futures. Major bookmakers also offer a wide selection of game props. 

Money Line

The simplest way of betting on baseball games is through money line where you simply pick the winner of each game. Of course, you cannot always pick the favorite as a winning bet is always less than that of the underdog. A constant bet on the underdog, meanwhile, will result in a higher earning but they have less chances of winning.

Run Line

The point spread in baseball is different from other sports as it's a low-scoring competition. The favorites are usually given a -1.5 run line handicap in baseball. This means that the favored team must win by more than a run in the actual game for a bettor to win his bet if he picked the favorite. A winning margin of one run or a loss means that those who wagered on the favorites will lose their bets.


Bettors can also wage on the total number of runs scored by the two teams in each game. The bookmaker will display a figure with corresponding prices and you can pick either Under or Over regardless of the outcome of the game. 


Those who wish to bet on the champion team for each season or tournament may do so through the outright odds market where you simply pick the team that you think will win the championship. In MLB's case, you can also wage on the division and league (American League and National League) winners.


Baseball betting offers a variety of markets aside from the outcome of the actual game. These are called proposition bets or props that may or may not happen in a game regardless of the actual game's result. Such side bets include predicting the run line after a certain inning (3 Innings line, 7 Innings Line etc..), the first team to score or which team will get the first home run. 

Baseball Betting Tips: Expert Betting Advice

Things to consider when betting on baseball

Just like other sports, betting on baseball can be fun if you know the right strategies and things to consider. Among these things are team records, head-to-head match-ups, injuries and recent performances. 

Bettors must also be updated whether the best players of each team will play as they can suffer injuries or aggravate injuries during warm-ups. Take note that starting pitchers play key roles as they are considered by bookmakers in making their money lines for each game.

Home-field advantage should also be considered as each stadium has unique dimensions. There are also other factors to take note of like playing a night or afternoon game or if a team plays two games in a single day. Since baseball is an outdoor sport, the weather also plays a major role in the outcome of games. 

Free Bets on Baseball

How to get free bets on baseball?

Many bookmakers offer regular promotions for baseball including free bets. The most common offers are money back specials on multiple bets where customers can get their money back if they lose a bet. 

Baseball Live Streaming

How to watch baseball live streaming?

Bet365 regularly shows baseball tournaments including Major League Baseball through its live streaming service. This service is free but customers need to open an account and deposit funds. Once this has been done, they can enjoy their favourite baseball teams in action and can even bet-in play any time of the day.

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