How To Claim A £15 Welcome Bonus From William Hill Casino

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William Hill Casino is offering new customers the chance to claim a £15 welcome bonus when you register for a new online account – no deposit required.

PLEASE NOTE: 18+. Opt in required. New UK customers only. 1x per customer. Max. Bonus £15 on Casino only. 35x Wagering. Max. Redeemable £25. Bonus expires 72 hours after issue. Game weighting, chip coverage restrictions, game, country, currency, player restrictions and terms apply.

How To Claim A £15 Welcome Bonus

  1. Visit the William Hill
  2. Register for a new account
  3. Opt in to the £15 Welcome Bonus promotion
  4. Receive a £15 welcome bonus to use in the William Hill Casino – no deposit required.

Terms & Conditions

Free £15 Bonus on all Casino Slots
Sign up to William Hill and claim a £15 Bonus.
There’s no need to make a deposit – just sign up and we’ll reward you with a £15 Bonus to play with on our exciting range of Casino games.
Things you should know
Opt in required.
New UK customers only.
Available 1x per customer.
Offer will run from 08:00:00 on 21.01.20 until otherwise cancelled by us in accordance with these Promotion Terms.
Promotion available on Casino only.
Max. Bonus is £15.
35x Wagering Requirement applies to your Bonus. Wagering contributions apply. Please scroll down to see wagering contributions table.
Some recently played games maybe excluded from contributing towards the wagering of the bonus. Only if you have played on a different part of the website to the bonus.
Bonus expires 72 hours from issue and the Wagering Requirement must be met within this time.
Max. Redeemable £25 from the Bonus.
If the Bonus Balance falls below £0.35, the Bonus Funds will be cancelled and the Promotion will end.
Please scroll to the bottom of the Terms & Conditions to view our video help guides.
Game weighting, chip coverage restrictions, game, country, currency, player restrictions and terms apply.
By opting in you agree to the full Promotion Terms below.
Promotion Terms
How does the Promotion work?
1. To qualify for this Promotion you need to opt in during the Promotion Period, open any Promotional Game and accept your Bonus. Your Bonus will then be credited to your Bonus Balance.
2. The maximum amount of Bonus Funds that may transfer to your Main Balance is limited to the Maximum Redeemable amount outlined in the “Things you should know” section and in any event you must meet the Wagering Requirements.
3. This Promotion is only available to players with a GBP (£) currency account.
4. Where an offer with a maximum amount of Bonus payable is limited to the Maximum Redeemable amount will be outlined in the “Things you should know” section and in any event you must meet the Wagering Requirements.
5. Where an offer with a Maximum Redeemable limit is run on a seeded Jackpot game(s), any jackpot win(s) that supersede the Maximum Redeemable limit will be added to the Main Balance, unless you are in breach of any promotional play restrictions.
What Wagering Requirements apply to your Bonus / Bonus Funds?
6. This Promotion is subject to a minimum Wagering Requirement as set out in the “Things you should know” section of this Promotion.
7. Each time you place a wager on a Promotion Game, the amount of the stake taken from your Bonus Balance will be deducted from the Wagering Requirement. Any amount of the stake taken from your Main Balance will not be deducted from the Wagering Requirement.
8. The Wagering Requirement for a Bonus will apply from the moment the Bonus is added to your Bonus Balance and must be met within the Bonus Period for that Bonus, otherwise the Bonus Funds and any winnings will be cancelled from your Account.
9. A separate Wagering Requirement applies to each Bonus you receive under this Promotion.
10. Where you have opted in to more than one Promotion at any one time, the Wagering Requirements will be met from the Promotions in the order that you opted in to them and stakes and winnings will be applied in the same order.
11. Depending on the category of the Promotional Game(s), the Stake Contribution may vary (see site for details).
12. This means that when you place a stake in a Promotion Game, only the percentage of your stake equal to the Stake Contribution shown in the table for that Promotion Game / Promotion Game category will count towards your Wagering Requirement. For example, if your Wagering Requirement is £750 and you place a wager of £100 in a Promotion Game that has a Stake Contribution of 25%, £25 (i.e. 25% of £100) would count towards the Wagering Requirement, leaving £725 of the Wagering Requirement remaining.
Stake Contributions for Roulette games
13. For all Roulette games, your Stake Contribution for each wager you place (and the contribution of your stake to your Wagering Requirement), will be determined by the percentage contribution set out in the table below (“Total Coverage Percent”). Your Total Coverage Percent is displayed in the relevant Promotion Game under the heading “Coverage”.
14. The relevant Stake Contribution listed on the website terms & conditions will apply to wagers you place in Roulette games depending on the Table Coverage Percent for each spin of the roulette wheel on which you place a wager.
15. For example, where you place a:
a) Low Table Coverage bet (i.e. your Table Coverage Percent is lower than or equal to 25%), your Stake Contribution will be 50%. For example, if you placed a stake of £30, your Stake Contribution would be 50% and £15 of your stake (50% of your £30 stake) would count towards your Wagering Requirement;
b) Medium Table Coverage bet (i.e. your Table Coverage Percent is equal to or greater than 25.1% but less than or equal to 48%), your Stake Contribution will be 25%. For example, if you placed a stake of £30, your Stake Contribution would be 25% and £7.50 of your stake (25% of your £30 stake) would count towards your Wagering Requirement; and
c) High Table Coverage bet (i.e. your Table Coverage Percent is greater than or equal to 48.1%), your Stake Contribution will be 0%. This means that any High Table Coverage bet will not count towards the Wagering Requirement.
16. For more info on how Stake Contributions work, please click here.
How does your Bonus / Bonus Funds contribute to wagers you place in Promotion-play?
17. When you place a wager on the Promotion Game, the stake will be taken from your Account in the following order of priority:
a. first, from your Bonus Balance; and
b. then, if the stake exceeds the value of your Bonus Balance, the remaining stake will be taken from your Main Balance.
How are winnings from successful wagers allocated to your Bonus Funds?
18. When you place a successful wager, your winnings will be split between your Bonus Balance and Main Balance in proportion to the percentage of the stake from your Bonus Balance and Main Balance, respectively.
19. Where you have a number of different promotions active on your Account, stakes and winnings (and contributions towards any Wagering Requirements) will be applied to the promotion you first chose to participate in (until that promotion ends or expires).
20. For more on Wagering Requirements, please click here.
How do you withdraw your Bonus Funds?
21. Once the amount you have wagered meets or exceeds the Wagering Requirement, the Promotion will automatically end and your Bonus Funds (subject to any Maximum Redeemable amount of Bonus Funds specified in these Promotion Terms) and any funds to the Promotion will be transferred to your Main Balance.
How do you cancel the Promotion?
22. You may cancel a Promotion at any time by:
a. clicking “Cancel Bonus” on the sidebar “Promotions page; or
b. contacting our Customer Services team details of which are on the “Contact Us” page on the Website.
20. On cancellation, if you have not met all of the wagering requirements, any unused Bonus funds and winnings will be deleted from your Account. You will not be able to take any further part in the Promotion.
Promotional Play Restrictions
23. We offer bonuses and promotions to enhance your enjoyment of our games and wagering. We expect you to participate in all bonuses and promotions fairly. We consider certain types of play to be unfair and in breach of these Promotion Terms. These include:
a. using minimal risk wagering patterns (e.g. low risk wagering, zero risk wagering or equal betting patterns);
b. using Irregular Betting Patterns (e.g. placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account, until wagering requirements have been met);
c. sharing personalised promotional offers or bonuses (i.e. promotions or bonuses which are available to specific customers only) received by you with others who were not the intended recipient. This includes accessing promotions or bonuses forwarded to you by others when you were not the intended recipient;
d. concealing your country of residence to access a promotion or bonus that is not available in your country of residence;
e. colluding with other customers to take advantage of promotions or bonuses; or
f. using more than one account per person, per household or per IP address.
24. Where you are in breach of any Promotional Play Restriction, we may be entitled to cancel any bonuses or promotions applied to your Account, reclaim any bonus element of such offers and either settle bets at the correct odds, void any free bets or bets funded by a bonus, or remove any subsequent winnings relating to any bonus.
General Promotion Terms
25. Notwithstanding anything else contained in these Promotion Terms, you may withdraw any funds in your Main Balance at any time except where we are required to withhold such funds to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations.
26. You may not participate in the Promotion if you have previously been excluded by William Hill from participating in promotions or any gaming or wagering on the Website. 27. William Hill has the right to refuse or withhold payment of any winnings from a bonus if funds you deposited into your Main Balance (including any sums you have wagered) are cancelled or denied by any payment service.
28. William Hill reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these Promotion Terms:
a. without notice if it is required by any legal or regulatory change; or
b. for any other reason by giving you advance notice in advance of the change for example, where there is a malfunction of the software or systems we use to provide the Website and/or the Promotion or if there is manifest error in the Promotion and/or the Promotion Terms. We may also, at our discretion, offer an equivalent prize, bonus or free bet to the one referred to in any Promotion.
29. In addition to these Promotion Terms, your use of the Website and your participation in any gaming or wagering is governed by William Hill’s general terms and conditions for use of the Website which are available at You must read and understand the General Terms and these Promotion Terms before taking part in this Promotion. In the case of any discrepancy between these Promotion Terms and the General Terms, these Promotion Terms take precedence.
30. These Promotion Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction. 31. This Promotion is promoted, operated and hosted at the Website by WHG (International) Limited.
32. Please refer to the “Terminology” section by clicking here to find an explanation of all capitalised terms.