Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder 3 Predictions & Tips: Repeat or Revenge?

Leigh Copson:
Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury 2

Deontay Wilder has activated the rematch clause in the contract for his second fight with Tyson Fury, so what will happen when these two heavyweights continue their rivalry with a trilogy fight this year?

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Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder 3 Tips

Road To Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder 3

Tyson Fury’s comeback has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest story in boxing over the past couple of years. He was on top of the world when he dethroned legendary heavyweight Vladimir Klitschko to become world champion for the first time in November 2015, but it would be over two years before he would step foot inside the ring again as a battle with depression and issues over a failed drug test forced him onto the sidelines. The 30-year-old eventually made his return to action in June 2018, stopping Sefer Seferi inside four rounds in what was a truly farcical fight, and his next outing a couple of months later saw the former heavyweight champion go the distance with Francesco Pianeta in an underwhelming bout that was clearly designed for Fury to get some rounds under his belt before challenging Deontay Wilder later that year.

The decision to take on the unbeaten ‘Bronze Bomber’ so early into his comeback was called into question by many, but Fury had been doing a successful job in shifting the weight he had put on during his exile from boxing and he was insistent that he could go to Los Angeles, become the first man to beat Wilder and once again sit atop the heavyweight division. He came agonisingly close to doing just that. Fury outboxed Wilder for much of the contest, but he was dropped twice in the bout, with his recovery from the second knockdown being a moment that will be shown for years to come. The challenger appeared to be done when the ‘Bronze Bomber’ sent him crashing to the canvas in the final round, but miraculously Fury was able to regain his senses, get back to his feet and finish off the contest.

Despite the two knockdowns many felt that he had still done enough to get the nod from the judges. However, two of the judges did not share that belief and that resulted in the fight being ruled a split decision draw, sparking an angry reaction from the thousands in attendance who felt the challenger had done enough to end Wilder’s perfect run in the professional ranks.

There were immediate calls for a rematch and the WBC quickly confirmed it would give fans what they wanted but Fury turned down the chance to immediately rematch Wilder, instead opting for a couple of ‘warm-up’ fights. As a result both men spent 2019 taking part in underwhelming fights to build up anticipation for the inevitable rematch, and it was a tactic that seemed to work because demand for Wilder-Fury 2 reached a fever pitch when it was announced that the two men would finally meet for a second time in an attempt to officially determine who the better fighter is.

Fury left absolutely no doubt that it was him on the night. Many felt that those two knockdowns in the first meeting would cause the former world champion to adopt a cautious approach that would see him dictate the pace and stay out of trouble, avoiding the threat of those big bombs that Wilder throws, but instead Fury lived up to his promise and went right after the champion from the very first bell. By the end of the second round ‘The Bronze Bomber’ looked completely bewildered, and he looked completely lost as Fury continued to pile on the pressure. A huge left-right combination sent Wilder crashing to the canvas in the third round and he was dropped again in the fifth courtesy of a left to the body. It appeared to be only a matter of time before Fury would bring the curtain down on the ‘contest’ at this point, but he was denied that opportunity in the seventh as Wilder’s corner team came to their man’s rescue, throwing in the towel to prevent him taking more punishment.

Wilder was furious with his team’s decision but they had every right to do what they did and, quite frankly, should be applauded. Their man simply had no answer for Fury on the night, but will he have one when the two men meet for a third time? A rematch clause in the contract for February’s fight meant the loser would have 30 days to declare his desire for a trilogy fight between the two men, and the former WBC world champion wasted no time in declaring his intention to challenge Fury later this year. A July date at the new Allegiant Stadium in July appears to be on the cards, so it is time we start looking ahead to fight number three. Will Wilder get his revenge, or will Fury confirm once and for all that ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is no match for him? Read on for our free Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder predictions & tips…

Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder 3 Predictions & Tips

The beauty of the second fight between the two men was that it was a 50-50 bout, albeit not in a technical sense. The first meeting had shown clearly that Fury was the better technical boxer out of the two men by quite some distance, but it also showed that Wilder could land huge shots, could hurt the British heavyweight champion and could send him to the canvas like so many of his other opponents. That left experts, pundits and bookmakers with a question to answer when picking out a winner – do you go with Fury who would seemingly have to fight the ‘perfect fight’ for 36 minutes or would you go with Wilder who possesses frightening punching power and needed just one second to land a huge punch that could end the contest or at least swing it in his favour?

Fury fought the perfect fight, but he did not need 36 minutes and such was the blow-out nature of the defeat it is difficult to predict anything other than another victory for the new WBC champion if the two men do in fact go toe-to-toe for a third time. Wilder simply has not evolved during his time as champion and that has hardly been helped by the shockingly poor standard of opposition he has faced. When he did face a decent boxer, ie. Luis Ortiz, he struggled mightily before his devastating punching power came to his rescue, but that did not bail him out against Fury. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ later made the bizarre excuse that his entrance gear had sapped the energy out of him before the fight and I sincerely hope that he was looking for headlines to hype the next rematch because if he seriously believes that there is no hope for him. He simply has to become a better boxer to regain the belt from Fury and I do not see him making the considerable improvements he needs in such a short space of time. For me, Wilder should have played Fury’s game from 2019, gone away and worked on his skills while taking on a couple of warm-up fights – and even that would not be enough. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is 34 years old now and there is that old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Simply put, an immediate rematch just does seem like a smart move for Wilder. Fury must be considered the number one heavyweight on the planet right now, even if he does have less belts than Anthony Joshua, and his journey back to the very top of the division has been nothing short of spectacular. February’s rematch showed that he and his corner team know exactly how to get the better of Wilder’s rather crude approach, so if the pair do share the same ring again I expect to see similar scenes as Fury picks Wilder apart, beats him up and either finishes the fight himself or forces the referee or Wilder’s corner to step in and save ‘The Bronze Bomber’ once again.

Fury v Wilder Tips: Experts Offer Fury v Wilder 3 Predictions

Former super-middleweight world champion George Groves talking to Mirror Fighting: “I think in a perfect world for him he [Wilder] should have a rebuilding phase and a camp which is not as intense. Yhe build-up for a world title fight against someone like Tyson Fury… you’re going to have to parade around and expend a lot of energy. He should be focusing on the rebuild phase of his career and of his first loss, something he is going to struggle to process. Unless he knows something went wrong in camp and he can make significant changes, he should leave it for a couple of fights. Everyone’s on such a high from the weekend there are a lot of people talking about the fighters but it’s hard to get excited about seeing the fight again when it was so dominant.”

UFC light-heavyweight contender Anthony Smith talking to MMA Tonight on Sirius XM: “I will tell you Deontay Wilder has no shot ever to beat Tyson Fury. I’m a fan and I love his mentality. I love the way he fights, I love everything Deontay Wilder stands for. He can’t beat Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury can fight several different ways and now that he’s found a way to beat Deontay. It wasn’t even close, I wouldn’t even call that a competition. It just looked like Deontay didn’t belong in there with Fury. I hate to say that. It hurts to say that because I love Deontay as a boxer, as a person, as a fighter, I love everything about him. He’s just not going to beat Tyson Fury, there’s too many holes.”

Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder Tips: Fighter Predictions

Tyson Fury: “I’m my own worst critic and even though it was a fantastic performance and I got a great win [in the rematch], I know I can do better. I’ve only just started with my new trainer, SugarHill Steward. We only had seven weeks to perfect a Kronk Gym style. But I’m a quick learner and I aim to get back to the gym straightaway, to work on balance and straight punches. I’m going to be putting people to sleep left, right and centre. Don’t forget when I came here people said I can’t punch. Wilder himself said I’ve got ‘pillow fists’ in the past. Well it didn’t do badly for an old fat guy who can’t punch, did I?”

Deontay Wilder talking to The Athletic: “A lot of people saw I wasn’t the same Deontay Wilder in there and they’re correct. It’s my own fault. My uniform I wore was very heavy for me. I had no legs from the first round on. My main focus was to survive with my legs, and not on the principles I know and normally think of. I couldn’t follow up with the game plan because of my legs. I couldn’t do anything. The rematch is definitely going to happen. We’re going to get it on. I want to get right back to it.”

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury 2 Tips