Ryan Garcia v Javier Fortuna Boxing Odds, Tips & Predictions: Garcia Set For KO Win

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Ryan Garcia v Javier Fortuna Boxing Odds, Tips & Predictions

I think it is safe to say that boxing purists are not massive fans of Ryan Garcia.

The American, who goes by the nickname KingRy, is brash, cocky and sometimes downright annoying. His attitude outside the ring is not well received, although in the ring he is so talented that others overlook his behaviour.

The 23-year-old is unbeaten as a professional. He has won all of his 22 fights with 18 of them coming by way of knockout.

I have to admit I am not a massive fan of his antics – wearing a crown in the ring for one – but you cannot deny he packs a punch and will soon by challenging for titles.

He is ranked number six by the WBA, two by the WBC, 10 by the IBF and five by The Ring Magazine.

Victory over Fortuna will see him move a step closer to a title shot against WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring lightweight champion Devin Haney, or even a shot at WBA (Regular) title holder Gervonta Davis.

Garcia did impress me when he took on UK fighter Luke Campbell back in 2021. KingRy claimed a seventh-round stoppage with a stunning body shot that forced Campbell to stay down and eventually retire from the sport.

Fortuna is very experienced. He has had 43 fights as a professional and has won 37 of them. Out of those wins, 26 have come by knockout with 11 on points. He has had two no contests, one draw and three defeats.

There is a bit of bad blood between the two fighters. Garcia was supposed to defend his interim WBC belt against Fortuna in 2021, but Garcia pulled out of the bout citing mental health issues. Fortuna has since dismissed these claims and does not believe Garcia had any issues.

From someone who has had similar issues, I do not take too kindly to Fortuna dismissing them like that. I also do not condone Garcia if his comments were not true. Mental health is not there to be used as a weapon and should always be taken seriously.

Fortuna is no mug. He will take the fight to Garcia in the first couple of rounds, but Garcia’s speed and accuracy will be too much. I am backing KingRy to knock Fortuna out in the seventh round and remain unbeaten.


Ryan Garcia v Javier Fortuna Boxing Odds, Tips & Predictions: Fighter's Predictions

Ryan Garcia: “There are so many possibilities in my mind. My intention is going in there and making this guy [Fortuna] eat his words and suffocate with my punches, make sure that I really teach this man a lesson not to speak on certain things. I can’t wait because this is the type of guy that represents a lot of negativity that I don’t like in this world. So, I’m going to give him some truth, and I’m going to beat him down. Basically, he said that I was lying about my mental health and the fact that he said I was a coward and that he was going to rip my face. He was going to eat my face, whatever he said. To me, those words are corny, and they’re dumb. I know what I’m going to do in the ring I’m going to go in there, and I’m actually going to go in there and split his face open. You know what? There are many different options, many different possibilities. There’s a high chance, 99.9% chance, that he gets knocked out. It’s pretty much guaranteed. It’s how it happens. It depends on the circumstance if it’s a left hook or a right hand, whatever it may be. I’ll have that shot ready for him. My intention is to send shockwaves through the division. I want this performance to send shockwaves through the division, and I want everybody to be inspired by the shot and for it to be a spectacular knockout. That’s my intention. Here’s the thing. A lot of fighters come into the gym, and they expect that these comments hold any truth. So, they think I don’t take it seriously when I get in there. They learn real quick that, ‘I didn’t know that he could actually really fight, and I didn’t think it was going to hurt.’ They go in there really thinking that I go on Instagram all day. It’s really hilarious. People are really delusional, and they read the comments. They want to believe the comments so bad. They want to believe that I don’t train every day. They want to believe that I don’t put in hard work. So, if it’s their narrative, and they don’t want me to be what I can become. They’re scared of what I can become. I can become a star; I could become one of the best fighters in the world or the best. Actually, I’m going to become the best fighter in the world. I have all the tools. I have the speed, the power. I just have to put it all together. I have everything I need. I just got to figure it all out, and when I do, they can’t hate anymore. Give it a couple of years. They’re going to stop hating real soon. Let their hate out right now. You haters are paying for my jet, so it’s fine. Let all the hate out right now. You’re going to love me one day. It’s fine. I’m going to keep speaking the truth. You’ve got to come around sooner or later. So, keep hating.”

Javier Fortuna: “Ryan is not as big as what everyone makes him out to be. He doesn’t have the capacity and doesn’t have the talent to beat me. I hope he is ready. Ryan’s speed doesn’t faze me. I know how to take that away from him. I have the experience to do it. You’ll see during fight night. You’ll see my power. I am looking forward to beating him at his house. Ryan looked good against Tagoe. Ryan doesn’t have any mental health issues. The same week he announced he had mental health issues he was messing around with his girlfriend.”

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