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Michael Zerafa v Anthony Mundine Betting Tips & Predictions

Dave Kuzio /
Zerafa v Mundine

The outspoken Anthony Mundine returns to the ring on March 13 when he takes on Michael Zerafa at the Bendigo Stadium. Can 'The Man' win his first bout since 2018, or has the controversial star bitten off more than he can chew?

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Michael Zerafa v Anthony Mundine Betting Tips & Predictions

I think it’s safe to say that Anthony Mundine is not everyone’s cup of tea, but over the years he has been a very talented athlete. He was arguably one of the best rugby league players in the world when he opted to retire from the sport in 2000 to pursue a career as a professional fighter.

His professional boxing career got off to a good start, he won his opening 10 fights and secured the Australian super-middleweight title, the PABA super-middleweight belt and the IBF Pan Pacific super-middleweight crown during that time.

Over the years, Mundine added the WBA Pam African super-middleweight title, the WBA Fedelatin belt, the WBA (Regular) super-middleweight title, WBA International middleweight belt, IBO middleweight title, the WBA interim super-middleweight belt, WBC Silver super-middleweight title and the Australian cruiserweight belt to his list of accomplishments, but he still believes he has never got the recognition he deserves.

Mundine is more well-known for his fights in Australia with the likes of Danny Green, Daniel Geale and Jeff Horn, but he has recorded victories over Sugar Shane Mosley and Sergey Rabchenko. He has not been seen in the ring since he was beaten by John Wayne Parr in 2019, and even at the age of 45, he believes he is still one of the best fighters in Australia.

Michael Zerafa has no love for Mundine, and the trash talking has already started and the 28-year-old is very confident that he will finally shut Mundine up for good on March 13.

Zerafa has won 27 of his 31 fights, and he rose to prominence in December 2018 when he defeated Kell Brook with a unanimous decision in Brook’s home city of Sheffield. He has since had two fights with Jeff Horn, winning the first fight by TKO in 2019 when he won the WBA Oceania and WBO Oriental middleweight titles. He then lost those titles to Horn later in the year,

The fight against Mundine will see the vacant WBA Oceania middleweight title up for grabs, and although I am a massive fan of Mundine – both as a rugby league player and a fighter – I just cannot see him beating Zerafa.

It would be a great achievement for Mundine to go the full 10 rounds, but Zerafa will be hungrier than ‘The Man’ as he still has his best years ahead of him. I am going for ‘Pretty Boy’ to end this one in the seventh, and for Mundine’s sake I hope he retires for good after this fight.

Road To Michael Zerafa v Anthony Mundine

Mundine is a very talented fighter – if you don’t believe me just ask him yourself. He has been a controversial character for many years, with his comments on the September 11 attacks, homosexuality and the Australian national anthem, but he garners interest. Whether you want him to win his fights, or want him to get knocked out, people will be watching with interest.

He has not been in the ring since he lost to John Wayne Parr in November 2019, and he has not had his hand raised in victory since earning a TKO win over Tommy Browne in January 2018.

Mundine is now 45 years old, and a lot of people believe he should hang up his gloves and quietly move out of the spotlight. That won’t happen as Mundine never does anything quietly, but he could be on the end of a heavy defeat against a much younger fighter.

Zerafa is not yet a household name, but many British fans will remember when he upset Kell Brook. You could say that Zerafa has already closed one big mouth in Brook, and he will be looking to do the same to Mundine.

Beating Mundine will not propel Zerafa into the big fights, but it will give him, bragging rights in Australia. Zerafa wants to fight Tim Tszyu and he claims Tszyu is avoiding him, so he feels he will just have to knock out everyone that is put in front of him until Tszyu has to face him.

Michael Zerafa v Anthony Mundine Fighter’s Predictions

Michael Zerafa: “Come fight night he’s saying he’s going to bring his A game and knock me out, but keep your sponsorship at the bottom of your shoes because you’re going to be looking up at the ceiling – I’m going to knock you out. You’re too old, it’s a young man’s sport. I can smell the fear from here … four rounds you will fall. You better have God by your side because I’m coming with bad intentions. I wish it was tonight so I can beat your head in already. I knocked Jeff Horn out – you can’t do nothing.”

Anthony Mundine: “I don’t see anything special about this dude … I swear he ain’t gonna do s***. I know I’m more skilful. I’m better, I’m stronger at middleweight – this boy is going down. He’s a fighter. He’s got to believe that he’s going to win, but deep down in his gut, he knows he’s going to be in trouble. My nickname back in Sydney is 40-20. I’m in my 40s but I look like I’m in my 20s. He’s ‘Pretty Boy’ but after the fight he’s going to be a pretty girl. Let’s make a deal. When I whip his arse, he’s going to say, ‘you were right, you are definitely The Man now’, and if he beats me, I’ll do the same. You cannot beat me – I don’t fear no man.”