Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Betting Offer, Tips & Predictions: UFC Star To Shut Paul’s Mouth

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Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Betting Offer, Tips & Predictions

I have never really been on board with the YouTube stars getting in the boxing ring, but I admit it is a big business and until they start to get beaten up pretty badly then it will keep going on.

Jake Paul has millions of fans, but there are just as many who cannot stand him. He is turning boxing into a reality show and that upsets the boxing fans. I honestly think people are only watching it now to see Jake Paul and his cronies get hurt – which is also wrong.

Paul has had five ‘professional’ fights and he has won them all. He has beaten the likes of Tyron Woodley twice, Ben Askren and Nate Robinson – but no-one has been convinced.

Whether it is all staged or not, we’ll never know, but a lot of people are fed up with Paul and his big mouth. They want him to get beat and hopefully, it happens this weekend.

On paper, Jake Paul has no business being anywhere near Anderson Silva in a sporting arena.

‘The Spider’ is an MMA legend and is a former UFC middleweight champion. His career in the cage has gone downhill in recent years. He has lost seven of his last nine bouts, and this makes Paul think he can take him.

Silva has knocked out 23 of his 46 opponents, surely, he cannot go down to a YouTube star. I want to believe this is all genuine and above board, so I am backing Silva to knock out Paul and inflict a first-ever defeat on the American. If Paul knocks out Silva, then I will start to question this whole thing all over again.

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