Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora 2 Betting Tips & Predictions

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Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora 2 Betting Tips & Predictions

The last time these two fought, I suggested that neither of them deserved to be fighting on Sky Box Office. I still stand by that, and thankfully this return fight will not be a PPV event.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They are very good fighters in their own right. I just don’t think they are at the elite level like Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk and Deontay Wilder.

This fight will be streamed live on DAZN. Technically, it is PPV but it will not cost you £20 to watch a watered-down heavyweight contest.

Chisora will slug it out with anyone who will get in the ring with him, but to say he is a polished fighter would be way off the mark. He has the power to knock people out, I will agree with that, but he doesn’t get me on the edge of my seat.

As for Parker, I will never forgive him for making me sit through 12 rounds of absolute tosh when he battled Hughie Fury back in 2017. He also bored me to tears in his last win over Junior Fa. He is a good fighter and is very powerful, but he doesn’t get you excited.

In the first fight, Chisora got off to a dream start as he floored Parker inside 10 seconds. He was unable to capitalise on that and Parker managed to grow into the fight. The New Zealander got his arm raised when the judges awarded him a split decision win.

Hopefully, both fighters will come out all guns blazing and will start trading punches from the off. I expect both fighters to be knocked down during the fight. I am going for Chisora to win the rematch. I feel when the chips are down, he will dig deep and fight through the pain. I’m not sure Parker has that fight left in him.

If the fight doesn’t go the distance, then Chisora will win by knockout, but I am going for the British fighter to win it on points to gain revenge.

Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora 2 Betting Tips & Predictions: Fighter's Predictions

Joseph Parker: “You’re not quite sure if you’ll click with the coach, what he’s teaching you, if you’re doing enough training. There were a lot of questions in the last camp where, now going into this camp, I’m putting my full trust in Andy. I know that what we’re doing is going to get me the best prepared Joseph Parker possible. I wake up in the morning, get out of bed and I’m happy and looking forward to going to the gym, to running, to putting in the work. I still have a lot to offer. I’ve said many times before that I’m going to go out there, perform well, do this and that – and I’ve underperformed as of late. But I know exactly what I’ve got to do and what Andy’s teaching. I’m going to be fit, ready and I’m going to put on a great fight. I’m just so excited because this is the first rematch of my career. The first fight was close, but after watching it back I know I won it. This time I want to make it a lot more decisive. I’ve just got to sit on my shots and have the confidence to back my power. Every heavyweight – every fighter – has power, you’ve just got to back it. I’ve got to sit down on my punches and make them count. Enough of this pit-a-pat, now I’m going to go bang! ‘I’m anticipating a very similar fight. He’s going to be a lot fitter. He’s going to try some new moves, and obviously with Coldwell and the team they have, he’s got a great environment to be in. I don’t think there’s a lot he can change with his style as he’s done it for years and years, but it only takes little adjustments to make a big difference in a fight. I’m confident I’m going to win. I’m confident I can beat him up and I’m confident I can knock him out, I just need to land at the right time, pick my shots, listen to my trainer and go out and perform. I know I can perform better than I have in the past, I’m just going to go out and prove that. A good win will give me a great start to 2022. I just want to be involved in big fights and fight the best out there, to prove I am the best, one of the best. If I lose this fight, I’m not sure where I’d go after that. So, I’ve got to be fully focused on who’s in front of me.”

Derek Chisora: “I don’t think that they wanted to give me the rematch really. And if I was him, I wouldn’t take the rematch, I would have moved on – but I was 100 per cent sure that I wanted the fight. Different judges score fights in different ways. What are we scoring now? For the pressure fighter and making the fight happen? Because if I don’t go forward, we can just stand there and look at each other. I caught him off-balance maybe because it wasn’t a powerful knockdown and when he got up, he was fine. He’s got good hands. You can tell he’s bulked up a bit, he’s packed more strength on since the first fight so you can see he’s coming with more power punches. If you look at his record from when he won the WBO title, he boxed Andy Ruiz in his hometown and he didn’t KO him, he played it safe, he defended it here against Hughie Fury and played it safe and then he boxed AJ and he froze and played it safe. So, you can tell a fighter, the guys that really want to fight, he might tell himself he wants to fight but really and truly, he doesn’t want to be there. It’s been two years since I’ve boxed in front of a crowd, it’s going to be amazing, and I hope I don’t freeze! I enjoy it, how could you not? I think if you sell thousands of tickets, you enjoy it. AJ, Canelo, Dillian, me – we all sell out arenas and we love it. You know people are coming to watch you fight and you want to give them a good night. It’s a show, you must give them a show from the walkout to the last bell. I don’t cry over spilt milk, I never have. I don’t moan, I move on. Everyone’s plan is to take it out of the judges’ hands, I am just going to go in and put on a great fight. I love Manchester – Manchester always comes out. I’m bringing the pain; it’s going to be sick. I just want to give the fans what they want, and they want to see war. Joseph is going to try to ride the storm early, and come on in the second half, but there is nowhere to hide.”