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If you are planning on placing just one bet on sport today you ought to make it the best bet possible. Our expert tipsters have been pawing over their favourite sports to pick out the one we consider our 'banker bet', free of charge!

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BetitngPro’s expert writers have been covering sport for years, with matches ranging from Premier League football and Six Nations Rugby to contests in the NFL being covered with predictions on today’s major games provided by tipsters that have been developing an unrivalled knowledge of the game following years of coverage.

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Unlike some other tipsters, we ensure we have a huge range of knowledge on the sport we are tipping, so you can be sure you will be getting a tip from a genuine expert. With all the sports on the site, our tipsters have been watching the sport for years, meaning they can impart their array of knowledge into our tips pieces resulting in a range of fantastic bets. While we cannot promise every bet will be a winner, all of our tips are shared in good faith so you can bet in confidence with us.

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Our expert betting tips are not just confined to football and horse racing, with BettingPro giving betting tips and betting predictions on a huge range of sports. Whether you want betting tips on the second-round at the US Open, the British Grand Prix in the F1 this Sunday or the final day of the fifth Ashes cricket Test, we have got you covered here at BettingPro, with our experts offering tips with years worth of experience behind them.