Virtual American Football: Watch & Bet on Virtual American Football

Dave Kuzio /

Virtual American Football has never been more popular and here takes a look at how you can bet on the action and watch live streams of virtual American Football matches.

What is Virtual American Football?

We all love a bit of American Football in our lives, even if some people refuse to admit it. You can now enjoy all the action and betting experience as if you were watching a full game.

If you are a casual American Football fan, you can get through a full virtual game in just three minutes. That is a lot shorter than three hours.

How Does Virtual American Football Work?

There are two types of virtual American Football games on offer at bet365 and they are as follows:

Fenton Field – This game is based on the NFL. Although, for licensing reasons you will not be playing as an official team. Instead of playing as the Philadelphia Eagles, you would simply just be Philadelphia. The other teams on offer are New England, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, New York and Green Bay.

Queensway Park – This option is based on the college game, but unlike Fenton Field you will be playing as a nickname rather than an actual geographical location. The teams you can play as include Cyclones, Sabres, Stags, Hawks, Bobcats, Diablos, Comets and Stormers.

As already mentioned, each game will last a total of three minutes. There will also be an extensive highlights package after the Fenton Field matches.

How To Bet On Virtual American Football

The types of betting for virtual American Football matches depends on whether or not you are playing at Fenton Field or Queensway Park. I have split them up for you below:

Fenton Field:

Money Line – This just allows you to back on the winner of the game. You back either the home or away team – there is no draw option.

Point Spread – This allows you to bet on the handicap of each team. You can back Dallas -9.5 points, meaning if at the end of the game Dallas win by more than 9.5 points then your bet is a winner.

Game Totals – This is straight forward. You are betting on how many points will be scored. It is basically under or over 41.5 points. The choice is yours.

Winning Margin – This option lets you back a winning margin you believe your selected team will win by. You can bet on 1-6 points, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30 or 31 points or more.

Spread & Totals – This allows you to back the spread and the total of points scored. For example, you can bet on Philadelphia -1.5 and over 37.5 points.

Result & Total – This is similar to the Spread and Totals bet. You back the winner of the game and the over/under option on the points score. You could back Dallas to win and over 37.5 points.

Queensway Park:

Drive Outcome 2-Way – This allows you to bet on the outcome of the first drive. You can back the score option (touchdown or field goal) or that they turn over possession.

Drive Outcome 4-Way – Very similar to the above market, but with a little more detail. You can bet on the outcome of the opening drive be a field goal a run touchdown, a pass touchdown or the turnover.

Total Plays in Drive – This lets you bet on how may plays will take place in a particular drive. You have the option of backing 1, 2, 3, 4, or five or more.

1st Down Play – This lets you bet on the opening snap of the 1st down. You can bet on whether the quarterback throws the ball, or they use a running play.

1st Down Play & Yardage – This lets you have more options to choose from on the 1st down play. You can back the following options; no gain, pass – less than 5 yards, pass gain 5 to 10 yards, pass gain 10+ yards & no touchdown, pass touchdown, run less than 5 yards, run gain 5-10 yards, run gain 10+ yards no touchdown, run touchdown or turnover.

How To Watch Virtual American Football Live

It is simple to watch any of the 11 virtual sports that bet365 are streaming live. Make sure you have a bet365 account, log in with username and password details. Then scroll down the selection of sports down the left-hand side of your screen and select Virtual Sports.

This will take you take you to a new page, where you have the option to choose which sport you want to get involved. The choices are horse racing, greyhounds, football, cricket, motor racing, speedway, American football, trotting, cycling, darts and tennis.

Simply click on the sport you want and the match you have selected will stream live automatically. You have all the betting options on the same page, so you can continue to watch all the action while deciding what to bet on.