The Ultimate XFL Quiz

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XFL, fast-paced and fan-friendly, returning in 2020; Orlando interested in getting team

The XFL is back and we want to know just how much you remember the league's sole season back in 2001?

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Wrestling guru Vince McMahon raised plenty of eyebrows back in 2000 when he announced that he would be dipping his toes into the world of American Football by launching his own league, the XFL.

McMahon promised to bring fun back to the sport, claiming the NFL had become the ‘No Fun League’, and while the XFL had people laughing and smiling, it was not for the right reasons.

The rush to get the league launched and the inaugural season underway a year after the announcement resulted in flawed rules, under-prepared teams and bad football, and by the time the league had ironed out it’s biggest issues the record-setting audience that it had attracted on opening night had moved on.

The XFL left a legacy though – including memorable player nicknames and technical innovations that have become a staple of NFL broadcasts – but just how much do you remember about the spring of 2001 when McMahon’s league took off and plummeted faster than that XFL blimp that crashed into a seafood restaurant (I am not making that up!)?

Take our Ultimate XFL Quiz to see if you know your Demons from your Enforcers, your Xtreme from your Maniax!