High Volatility Slots - what they are and where to play

Play High Volatility Slots at PartyCasino - our win of $479 on spin 3

Why do you play slots?

Do you play to go in a trance and spin those reels over and over again?

Or do you play for money?  Wedge? Wonga?  Serious Mullah?

If you are playing slots for money you need to play on a high volatility slots game. This is a slots machine where the swings can be large but then if you grab an upswing you can end up cashing out huge sums.

An example of a new high volatility slot we've been playing is the Snow Business Slots at PartyCasino. The game is a progressive jackpot slots game which seeds at $1.5m and is currently standing at $2.2m.

Forget about the penguins and polar bears and focus in on the volatility.

The game shows exceptional swings both up and down.

For example: in our test game this afternoon we lost on the first two spins ($15 down) and then on spin three we won $479 for a total outlay of $22.50. 

With this volatility you can start playing high stakes slots play - so a strategy to follow would be to budget for some down swings and play the machine until it pops you up again. The challenge is, of course, timing the ups and ensuring your bankroll can cope with the lows.

If you've never played a high volatility slots game we recommend SnowBusiness. This month Party are also running a slots leaderboard competition where they are giving away $100,000 so even more reason to play. 

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High Volatility Slots - what they are and where to play

Why do you play slots?

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