Golf Spread Betting Tips

How to Spread Bet on Golf Games at firms like Extrabet

One golfers final round back nine collapse saw him slump from outright second to sixth and sadly for his fixed-odds supporters, out of the betting money. The majority of firms were only offering place terms that stretched to fifth, so £10 each-way at 66/1 returned nothing when, with nine holes remaining, had looked certain to pay at least £175 (the each way return – quarter of 66/1 = 16.5/1).

The annoying thing for him is that he had picked a golfer to play well from a field of 160 and received no reward when ultimately his opinion was right. Thousands of punters, just like him, choose to back golfers each week in huge fields. Yes, from time to time they’ll get lucky and scoop a win, but in reality they’ll miss out. Betting on Tour events each week is like backing a horse in a field of 160!

An alternative betting option is to have a spread bet on a golfers finishing position rather than have a fixed-odds bet. A finishing position spread bet really is quite straight forward to understand. Extrabet makes a prediction on where a golfer will finish in a tournament and it is for you to decide whether that prediction is pitched too high or too low. What you then win or lose depends on what stake size you choose to bet with and ultimately how right or wrong you are.

Here’s how it works in practice. Say Extrabet predicted that “Golfer X” would finish between 35th and 38th in a recent Major. If you’d fancied him to play well you’d have bet lower than 35th (also known as a ‘sell’), but if you thought he’d flop, you’d have bet higher than 38th (also known as a ‘buy’). The gap in between the finishing position prediction is known as the ‘spread’ and is the bookmaker’s margin.

So, if you bet on him to finish better than 35th by selling; you’d have made 29 times whatever stake size you chose because “Golfer X” finished 6th. Obviously, let’s not forget that if you’d backed him to do badly by buying his finishing position at 38th, you’d have lost 32 times your stake. When you place a finishing position bet, make sure you check what the maximum make-up is. Some will say that the cut off point for the bet is 50th while others may have it at the cut mark of around 70th.

There is certainly no getting away from the fact that a spread bet on a golfer’s finishing position will revolutionise the way you bet on golf. Once you’ve given it a go, you’ll never go back to fixed-odds betting and stick to golf spread betting.


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Golf Spread Betting Tips

Golf Spread Betting Tips

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