49’s Lottery draw results – Tuesday, January 29

The 49’s Lottery has two draws every day

Many of us enjoy playing and betting on the 49’s Lottery and this game offers Betfred customers the chance to land odds of 150,000 to 1 by matching five numbers.

Please see below for the current pay structure and the odds related to how much you can win for matching a certain number of numbers!

1 ............ 6/1
2 ............ 60/1
3 ............ 600/1
4 ............ 10000/1
5 ............ 150000/1

Results for Tuesday, January 29 are:

Lunchtime Draw (1pm):

1      18      19      20     27      36     Booster: 47

Teatime Draw (5pm):

4      7        10      24     37      43    Booster: 27

After Tuesday's draws the hottest and coldest numbers are:

Hot Number

Cold Number

Ladbrokes will give all new Lotto betting customers a £10 free matched credit, to use on the draw, or draws, of their choice when registering a new account using bonus code MAXIMUMBONUS.

Here's what you need to do to check results & play Lotto at Ladbrokes Lotto:

  1. Go to Ladbrokes Lotto 

  2. Check results by going to the left hand menu, Fixed Odds Lottery Results and then that opens a window. Select more results and you will see the twice daily 6-ball and 7-ball 49s results

  3. Play 49s by creating an account using the promotion code MAXIMUMBONUS. Claim £10 free from Ladbrokes Lotto. Best of luck!

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49’s Lottery draw results – Tuesday, January 29

The 49’s Lottery has two draws every day

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