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Money Drop - Free £5 to play the hit game online

Victoria Rhodes in Slots 20 Apr 2012
Free £5 to play The Money Drop

888Games has launched an exciting new game themed on the Channel 4 TV show, The Million Pound Drop.

Play Money Drop with a free £5 at at 888games.

Navigate your way through trapdoors, slides and obstacles to win up to 400x your wager and up to £100,000 in the bonus game. 

Playing The Money Drop is really quite simple and you start off with choosing your wager up to a maximum of 500 coins. 

Choose the number of number of traps and rounds to play. You can place the whole amount on one trap, or divide your cash into 2, 4 or 10 piles. 

Once all of the cash has been placed on the traps press the DROP button and all but one of the traps will open. 

Any cash placed on the traps that have opened is lost and your remaining cash becomes the new ‘current prize' and is taken through to the next round of the game. At the end of the rounds, what’s left is yours to keep. 

At the end of a game, you could be lucky enough to win a Golden Ticket and if you collect five of these, you enter the Jackpot game. 

In the bonus game, you have 8 rounds of The Money Drop to complete. 

The first 4 rounds have 4 trap doors, the next 3 rounds have 3 traps doors and the final round has two 2 trap doors - just like the TV show. 

For every round you complete, you win a prize which keeps increasing the more rounds you complete.  

Get a free £5 to play The Money Drop at 888Games when you register through Bettingpro.

To get your free games bonus:

  1. Visit 888games

  2. Register for an account

  3. Get a free £5 with no deposit required to pay The Money Drop

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Money Drop - Free £5 to play the hit game online

Play the newly launched Money Drop with a free £5 at 888Games.

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